Important Dates

The next round of applications will be opened for submissions in February, 2018.  Important dates for this upcoming round:

  • March 19, 2018 — Application deadline
  • April, 2018 — Announcement of selected fellow
  • April, 2018 – March, 2019 — Fellowship award period


  • NOVA full-time 9-month teaching faculty are eligible.  Previous fellowship winners and selection committee members are ineligible.
  • Applicants must submit a proposal for consideration.
  • Selected fellows must submit a final report of 1-3 pages summarizing (1) what they did, (2) what they learned about learning, and (3) implications for their teaching.
  • The fellowship award may be used for tuition, resource materials, time, and travel expenses described in the proposal.
  • The fellowship award may not be used for primary research or the development of teaching strategies and materials; however, it may be used to support the study of existing research leading to primary research or the development of teaching strategies and materials.

Selection Criteria

The purpose of the fellowship is to promote teaching that is based on a sound understanding of learning. Fellows will be selected by the Fellowship Committee based on evaluation of proposals that must address the following criteria:

  1. Increased understanding of learning processes.
  2. Likely application of knowledge of the learning process to teaching.

For the first criterion, we are looking for a plan for how you will increase your knowledge about learning processes. What course, seminar, workshop, or other learning project will you use to acquire knowledge about learning? Why do you believe that this knowledge is sound and applicable to teaching?

For the second criterion, explain why this new knowledge about learning is likely to benefit your teaching and your students. What other professional development have you done related to learning and teaching? As you reflect on your current teaching, what questions or puzzles have emerged that motivate you to learn more about learning processes?

Application Process

  • Applicants must submit a proposal by the application deadline.
  • Please download and use the Fellowship Proposal Template to prepare your proposal.  The template describes all required elements and word limits.
  • Email your signed proposal in PDF format to the Fellowship mailbox:
  • Proposals will be evaluated and the fellow selected by the Fellowship Selection Committee after the application closing deadline.
  • The selected fellow must complete all proposed project activities, including a final report, within the 12-month period of the award.
  • Fellows must submit expenses for reimbursement to the NOVA Education Foundation during the calendar year of the award.

Selection Committee

Charlotte Calobrisi Gillian Backus Amy Coren Peter Jo Molly Lynch
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Committee Chair

Professor of Biology


Assistant Professor of Psychology


Associate Professor of Biology


Provost of Manassas Campus