Use FASTPrint in the Library

 NOVA has a new Student Copy & Print service called FASTPrint!


Here are the steps to print, pay & retrieve your document from a library or lab workstation with your NOVACard:

1- Log-in to the workstation with your myNOVA username & password

2 – Open your document

3 – Select “File” then “Print” or press CTRL-P

4 – Choose “FastPrint_BW” for black & white print or “FastPrint_Color” for a color print

5 – Press the Print button

6 – Go to any of the new printers to retrieve your job

7- Swipe your NOVACard through the card-swipe

8 – If prompted, register/log-in to the device with your myNOVA username & password (registration only required the 1st time)

9 – Choose the job you wish to print

10 – Take your printed document from the paper tray

11 – Don’t forget to logout of the printer when you’re done

Check your NOVACard balance here:

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