How to Make An Appointment with a Manassas Tutor

We are still taking appointments! How does that work?

Initiating the Appointment:
(1) Email including:
• The course and prefix (ex: ENG 111)
• The date and time requested (ex: March 3, 3:00pm)
• Session Goals (ex: I would like to work on XYZ)
• tutor preference (optional)
(2) You will receive a response confirming your appointment or suggesting other times (if the tutor is booked or the time isn’t available).
(3) Once you’ve received confirmation the tutor will email you a link to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Learn more about Zoom here.

During the Appointment:
(1) Please sign-in to Zoom prepared with questions or examples of work for tutors to review. Tutors will not provide assistance with quizzes, tests, or assignments notated to be done independently.
(2) The tutor will sign in at the scheduled time for a one hour session.
(3) The tutor will use a variety of tools including webcam, type, whiteboard, etc. to ensure you have the best grasp of the topic.

After the Appointment:
(1) Take the time to review what you learned and make sure you have a concrete understanding.
(2) Schedule another appointment or email a completed paper for review to the same address.