Manassas Tutoring Paper Review Service

The Manassas Tutoring Paper Review service focuses on reviewing an individuals paper to provide thoughtful insight and address minor mistakes. Understand that the tutors do not edit documents but they do provide insight where you can learn about your errors and how to improve them.

Initiating the Paper Review:
(1) Email including:
• A Microsoft attachment or Google Docs link to the paper
• A screenshot or PDF of the assignment
• Paper Review Goals (ex: I would like to work on XYZ)
• Tutor Preference (optional)
(2) Once your paper is received, we will send a confirmation email and send it to a tutor to review in 24 hours or less.

After the Paper is Reviewed
(1) The tutor will send it back to for proper submission back to you.
(2) Take the time to review what you have learned and make sure you have a concrete understanding.
(3) Schedule another appointment or email a more completed paper at a later date for review to the same address.