Health Information Alphabet Soup: What is HIM/HIT/HIS?

We understand that some students as well as counselors/faculty advisors may have difficulty explaining the differences between HIM, HIT and HIS programs.  The following information was provided by Chidinma Onyedike-former Career Specialist in the HIS Department at the MEC Campus. 

H.I.M stands for Health Information Management. HIM is comprised of employees who manage healthcare information. The importance of HIM is in operations management. HIM professionals manage the coding and accuracy of healthcare data. Careers of HIM professionals include: Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT), Certified Coding Associate (CCA), and Certified Coding Specialist (CCS). NOVA offers an A.A.S degree program in HIM.

H.I.T stands for Health Information Technology. HIT is comprised of the technology used to manage healthcare information. These professionals handle hardware, software, and telecommunications technology. Careers of HIT professionals include: Implementation Support Specialist, Technical Support Specialist, Implementation Manager, and other careers that may deal with such things as Electronic Health Records. NOVA offers a 2-track educational workforce training program through the H.I.S Center of Excellence to train the healthcare workforce in 6 work roles. These 6 workforce roles are based on training in Electronic Health Records. This training program is 6 months long and was designed for students with a healthcare or information technology employment background.

H.I.S stands for Health Information Systems. HIS is comprised of the technological systems used to maintain healthcare information. These automated systems use the technology of HIT to record, manipulate, store, recover, and disseminate data. These systems are used by HIT and HIM professionals to do their jobs.

In summary, HIM includes the people who manage healthcare information through the use of HIT. HIT is the technology used by healthcare professionals to maintain data and health information. HIS are the hardware and software systems HIT/HIM professionals use to do their jobs. The main theme of these acronyms is Health Information. Healthcare Information career fields are extremely important in delivering the accurate and quality healthcare that we all need.

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