What Happens to my Application to the (insert program name) Once I Send it in?

This is a question that is often asked by nervous students getting ready to submit.  Applicants imagine a dark nebulous hole that engulfs their application and consumes their hopes of getting in.  Often they think that an application is passed over, forgotten or lost in some drawer.  In reality every application that is received by student services is vetted by several individuals. It is the general practice that any application which does not meet the requirements be checked by at least two people.

Once an application has been vetted one of a few things occurs depending on the program. In general the applicant receives an email stating that their application has been received and is in process. Any missing requirements are noted in the initial email that goes out.  Students are encouraged to ask questions at this stage. If there has been an error their application is rechecked and corrected right away.  The best way for an applicant to resolve an issue would be to respond to the email they received.

5 thoughts on “What Happens to my Application to the (insert program name) Once I Send it in?”

  1. When do they usually send out the email to let you know that they have gotten your application and that it is being processed?

    1. For most programs we have a two week turn around time. So say we received your application today, it would be at minimum be two weeks before we’re able to notify you. Notification can vary greatly from program to program and are subject to change depending on volume.

  2. If it has been 3 weeks since you turned in your application and still haven’t heard from anyone, is their a person to call just to make sure that the program got your application?

    1. Sami, make sure that you are checking your VCCS Student email regularly. Any application sent in must be sent via one of the methods listed on the allied health or the nursing application. This means that you should have a tracking number to verify receipt of your application by our office. If your tracking information shows that your application was received by our office please wait for an email from us. We normally send emails out on Friday afternoons.

  3. I have heard, from other NVCC Hybrid Nursing applicants, that acceptance emails were received on Monday, 11/18/13. Were all emails sent out? If we did not hear anything back, when should we expect to?

    Thank you.

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