Virtual MEC Exchange Workshops

For everything you ever wanted to know about the MEC’s Allied Health & Nursing Programs…

June 12th and June 23rd

An MEC Academic Advisor will present information about the admission process for Allied Health and Nursing Programs. The presentation is live and interactive. Please register for the upcoming workshop or check the site for other dates and times!

Interested?  Sign up via our Website,

One thought on “Virtual MEC Exchange Workshops”

  1. I signed up for a virtual workshop today and was never sent a link in order to access. I contacted the virtual call center and was told the link should have been sent in the original email. The only link in that email was to change my session date and time. Has anybody else had this problem? I am really wanting to hear how the application process works as well as get a few questions answered before deciding what classes I should take in the Spring if I plan to apply to an Allied Health program.

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