What Would You like to know?

The student services office at the MEC is responsible for the processing of all allied health and nursing applications. As such we do our best to stay abreast of any changes that may be upcoming. Check back regularly and comment to ask questions. If there is anything you’d like us to write about feel free to comment on this post with suggestions or questions.


Do I have my ducks in a row? 2014 Nursing Edition

We generally have students come to our office who merely want to check to see that they have all their ducks in a row. While we encourage students to come a semester in advance to do this, there are some last minute items students forget or overlook. We hope this presentation clears up  any confusion.

Feel free to contact us at MECCounselor@nvcc.edu with questions. The subject should read:  2014 “program name” Application Questions.

How Do I Get the Most out of My Visit to the MEC?


Over the years I’ve had numerous students sit across from me interested in one of our programs. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a significant number of them go on to get accepted into one of our programs and subsequently graduating. The common thread among successful students was their thoroughness, attention to detail and organization. Our role is to help you if you’re lost and need additional assistance navigating the admissions process. Our time is your time, but in order to get the most of it we ask that you do some of the following:

  1. Come prepared by reviewing the online information session for your program
  2. Review the respective application for your program
  3. If you have taken previous courses at NOVA, or transferred courses, compare your unofficial transcript to the current advising sheet for your program
  4. Write all of your questions down [most people forget their questions]
    1. or better yet, email your questions to MECCounselor@NVCC.EDU
  5. Bring any official transcripts from external schools that you have not yet taken

If you follow these steps and stay informed, you should be ok. If you run into issues feel free to come back, or send us an email to MECCounselor@NVCC.edu.