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The student services office at the MEC is responsible for the processing of all allied health and nursing applications. As such we do our best to stay abreast of any changes that may be upcoming. Check back regularly and comment to ask questions. If there is anything you’d like us to write about feel free to comment on this post with suggestions or questions.


14 thoughts on “What Would You like to know?”

  1. I’m still waiting for the Dental Hygiene department’s contact. My question is when do they sent me letter regarding my admission status? Thank you.

    1. Letters are mailed out to students starting in May. The dental hygiene mails letters via USPS, as such the arrival times will vary for all students. We are expecting the letters to be mailed out before the end of the month.

      1. It is June 3rd today already, and I still have not received anything from the school about my application status yet. I do not know if the school has not sent out anything for me or the school did send out the letter, but I did not get it.

  2. It is the last day of may and I have yet to hear from anyone from the dental hygiene department. Do they notify students even if they don’t get in?! Everyone I have asked says we will know in may but may is over… kind of ridiculous because they should give us a specific date like you will know your status by june 2 and if not then contact the department. Telling a student they will find out in may is a time frame of 30 days which is absurd. And furthermore, they didn’t let us know if we would find out through email or mail… I feel like it is just highly disorganized.

  3. It is now June and I have not heard from anyone regarding my Dental Hygiene application status. When will we know by? I have been checking my mail every day but have recieved nothing. Do we get notified if we do not get in?

  4. I’m in the same boat. I still haven’t heard any response regarding my dental hygiene application.

  5. I wondering if retaking classes to get higher GPA hinders your chances of getting accepted into the nursing program?

    1. Hello Angela,

      NOVA does not take points away for retaking classes. We look at the last of your grades in a class. If for example you took ENG 111 and had a C the first time you took it and took it again and had a B, NOVA would look at the B. However if you received a grade of D or F we would also look at that grade. Your second grade invalidates the previous grade. Please refer to the current http://www.nvcc.edu/catalog/cat2013/policies/repeating.html college catalog for the course retake policy.

  6. I am an LPN, if i want to apply to the LPN to RN program am I require to take the TEAS test too?

  7. This will be my second time applying to NVCC’s DH program and I was wondering if they take that into consideration? I have been in in the dental field for ten years and have completed all my Prerequisites.

    1. None of our programs penalize you for reapplying to a program. Every student is looked at anew with every application cycle.

  8. I have applied for the Physical Therapy Assistant Program that is going to start in august. I applied on the fourteenth but and got confirmation that it was delivered on the seventeenth. When she should I expect to hear a response (either by mail of email)?

    1. You will hear by email once we have processed your application. Later in the semester, you will be contacted by the department whether you have been accepted into the program.

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