Fall 2020 Applications- Health Science and Nursing

The last of the 2019 school year programs have been seated and we are now shifting our focus to Fall 2020/Spring 2021 admissions.

First, we wanted to congratulate all those that applied for and were accepted into their program of choice. For all those that met the requirements but were not offered a seat, we ask that you review our competitive admissions post to learn how you can strengthen your next application.


Most Common Reasons Applications were not moved forward for Ranking, things to avoid

We wanted to address those applicants that applied without having met the stated entry requirements, or that failed to provide required documentation. It is important that you only apply if you have met those requirements. Unless you have in writing prior to applying an exemption to some requirement, your application will automatically be rejected. In the interest of fairness to your fellow students, who took the time to meet the entry requirements waivers are not granted to any entry requirement. Applicants are weighed against one another at the time of application. Often the very thing you are asking to be waived is one of the ranked items for a program.

We follow the mantra that you should not assume you have met any requirement. Verify that you have met the requirements by reviewing your own record to see that items have been correctly posted, that all test results are available and that transfer credit is posted to your account. In addition, you should provide documents when requested i.e. high school transcripts, ATI TEAS results, etc.  It is good practice to over provide documents than under provide.  You can always email MECCOUNSELOR@NVCC.edu from your student email and confirm that a document is on file. When doing so include your NOVA ID number, and the specific document or requirement you have questions about.

Avoid questions such as” have I met the entry requirements? can I apply now?”. Generally when we get an email that only asks that it almost always means a student has not reviewed their account, the entry requirements, information session or application page.

A better question would be: “Is my high school transcript from (school name) on file and have I met all the high school level requirements”. It is in your best interest to ask pointed specific questions that demonstrate you have done your due diligence in sourcing information from the information session or application page.

Student Failed to regularly check the student email addresses and respond in a timely manner to request from application processing staff.

Application Team emails requesting documents ignored until after the student’s application was marked not eligible.

Missing high school transcript

(nursing and dental assisting)

The student assumed that their high school transcripts were either on file or not needed because they had submitted college transcripts

International High School Transcripts not evaluated or not evaluated course by course.

(nursing and dental assisting)

Students assumed that a translation was sufficient and didn’t have either www.ece.org or www.ierf.org to evaluate their high school transcripts course by course.

Missing a high school level Chemistry


      • Students assumed they aged out of the high school level requirement
      • Students assumed a C- would suffice
      • Students assumed their GED would waive the requirement

ATI TEAS Scores below the threshold

        • Students assumed that scores would be rounded up
        • Students assumed that scores taken after the deadline would count
        • Students assumed passing one or two sections with 100’s would exempt them from passing other sections

The student did not attach the correct ATI TEAS Test Report

The student did not follow the steps outlined in the Health Science and nursing TEAS information document, https://www.nvcc.edu/medical/apply/ and failed to provide the correct format

The student was missing an entry course

The student assumed they could apply if an entry course was in progress