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What Would You like to know?

The student services office at the MEC is responsible for the processing of all allied health and nursing applications. As such we do our best to stay abreast of any changes that may be upcoming. Check back regularly and comment to ask questions. If there is anything you’d like us to write about feel free to comment on this post with suggestions or questions.


Do I have my ducks in a row? 2014 Nursing Edition

We generally have students come to our office who merely want to check to see that they have all their ducks in a row. While we encourage students to come a semester in advance to do this, there are some last minute items students forget or overlook. We hope this presentation clears up  any confusion.

Feel free to contact us at with questions. The subject should read:  2014 “program name” Application Questions.

How Do I Get the Most out of My Visit to the MEC?


Over the years I’ve had numerous students sit across from me interested in one of our programs. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a significant number of them go on to get accepted into one of our programs and subsequently graduating. The common thread among successful students was their thoroughness, attention to detail and organization. Our role is to help you if you’re lost and need additional assistance navigating the admissions process. Our time is your time, but in order to get the most of it we ask that you do some of the following:

  1. Come prepared by reviewing the online information session for your program
  2. Review the respective application for your program
  3. If you have taken previous courses at NOVA, or transferred courses, compare your unofficial transcript to the current advising sheet for your program
  4. Write all of your questions down [most people forget their questions]
    1. or better yet, email your questions to MECCounselor@NVCC.EDU
  5. Bring any official transcripts from external schools that you have not yet taken

If you follow these steps and stay informed, you should be ok. If you run into issues feel free to come back, or send us an email to



New Shuttle Service Available!

NOVA has begun offering free shuttle service to and from the near by Franconia-Springfield Metro.  Make sure to have your NOVACard on hand to  take advantage of the service.

Visit  for more information and the current schedule.

NOVA Shuttle Sign


Route E: Medical Education / Franconia-Springfield Metro / Springfield Mall


Franconia Springfield Metro Bertucci’s and Starbucks Barnes & Noble Medical Education Center
Morning Service
7:30 7:40
7:50 8:00
8:10 8:20
8:30 8:40
8:50 9:00
9:10 9:20
9:30 9:40
9:50 11:00
11:10 11:20
11:30 11:35 11:40 11:45
11:55 Noon 12:05 12:10
Afternoon Service
12:20 12:25 12:30 12:35
12:45 12:50 12:55 1:00
1:10 1:15 1:20 1:25
1:35 1:40 1:45 1:50
2:00 2:10
2:20 2:30
2:40 2:50
3:00 3:10
3:20 3:30
3:40 3:50
4:00 4:10
4:20 4:30
4:40 4:50
5:00 5:10
5:20 5:30
5:40 5:50

New! TEAS Prep Courses!

If you have been diligently preparing to apply to the Traditional Nursing Track or the Online Hybrid Nursing Track at the MEC, then you are aware of how important it is to do your absolute best on the TEAS. To excel at taking the TEAS and becoming the most competitive Nursing applicant you can be, be sure to take advantage of the following TEAS Preparation sessions being offered through Workforce Development this Fall 2013 semester! For further information, please contact the Medical Education Campus Workforce Development office at (703) 822-6523.

 NEW! TEAS Preparation for English

This course is an intensive review to prepare students to ta the English and language Usage section of the Test Essential Academic skills (TEAS).  This will offer an opportunity to become familiar with the format of the exam.  The instructor will support your review of grammar, word meaning, punctuation and sentence structure. 

Medical Education Campus

Mon & Wed       Sept 16 – Sept 25                                6-9pm

 NEW! TEAS Preparation for Reading

This course is an intensive review to prepare students to take the Reading section of the Test Essential Academic skills (TEAS).  This will offer an opportunity to become familiar with the format of the exam.  The instructor will support your review of reading and informational source comprehension. 

Medical Education Campus

Mon & Wed       Sept 30 – Oct 9                                    6-9pm

 NEW! TEAS Preparation for Math

This course is an intensive review to prepare students to take the Math section of the Test Essential Academic skills (TEAS).  This will offer an opportunity to become familiar with the format of the exam and identify your strength and weaknesses. You will explore approaches to the math questions, practice with sample test items and learn successful test taking strategies.

 Medical Education Campus

Mon & Wed       Oct 21 – Oct 30                                    6-9pm

MDL 295: Phlebotomy for Healthcare Professionals

The Phlebotomy department will be offering a pilot course for summer called MDL 295: Phlebotomy for Healthcare Professionals. This course is for current MEC students or currently working medical professionals who want or need to learn basic Phlebotomy skills. It is a combination of lecture and lab practice, but there is no clinical component and does not make students eligible to obtain certification.

The course will be offered during the second 6-week session, and will accept 15 students. It is open registration, first-come/first-served; students may sign-up for the course on NovaConnect beginning April 1.


EMS Fall Registration for Intermediate and Paramedic begins MAY 3rd

EMS Fall registration is about to begin. EMS students seeking to advance onto intermediate and paramedic levels, will vie for the few open slots in their programs. It is a pure sprint to the finish line and the only way to enter the race is by being program placed before May 3rd.   Fall registration begins May 3rd at 00:01HRS, 12:01am . Classes will fill quickly, and new sections will not be added.

In order for an EMS student to be program placed they must submit an EMS Education Worksheet. They must also meet all requirements.  In order to guarantee their program placement happens in time, students will need to submit their worksheet by April 24th.  This allows our office a seven business day turnaround time to process the form.

Spark Notes Version of this post

  • EMS Fall Registration opens May 3rd at 12:01am (00:01)
  • EMS Education worksheets should be submitted by April 24th to guarantee they will be processed in time.
    • After April 24th, we cannot guarantee program placement by May 3rd  ( not to mean it won’t happen, just not likely by May 3rd)

What Happens to my Application to the (insert program name) Once I Send it in?

This is a question that is often asked by nervous students getting ready to submit.  Applicants imagine a dark nebulous hole that engulfs their application and consumes their hopes of getting in.  Often they think that an application is passed over, forgotten or lost in some drawer.  In reality every application that is received by student services is vetted by several individuals. It is the general practice that any application which does not meet the requirements be checked by at least two people.

Once an application has been vetted one of a few things occurs depending on the program. In general the applicant receives an email stating that their application has been received and is in process. Any missing requirements are noted in the initial email that goes out.  Students are encouraged to ask questions at this stage. If there has been an error their application is rechecked and corrected right away.  The best way for an applicant to resolve an issue would be to respond to the email they received.

RAD 100 Transitioning to RAD 105

Starting for Spring 2013 registration RAD 100 will be converting to RAD 105. Students working towards completing their course pre-admission requirements for the Radiography program, who have not yet taken RAD 100, will now need to search for and enroll in RAD 105.

Not to worry, students who have already completed RAD 100 in preparation to apply to the Radiography program will not need to retake RAD 105 to fulfill pre-admission requirements.

Submission of Transcripts from other VCCS Colleges

The college is seeing a surge in the number of students sending transcripts from other VCCS colleges in order to transfer credit to NOVA. As a reminder, transcripts from other VCCS colleges are not required since we are able to view the student’s record in SIS. However, students do need to fill out a Request for Evaluation of Transcript form to transfer their VCCS credits.