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Information on MEC Program Admissions

What Would You like to know?

The student services office at the MEC is responsible for the processing of all allied health and nursing applications. As such we do our best to stay abreast of any changes that may be upcoming. Check back regularly and comment to ask questions. If there is anything you’d like us to write about feel free to comment on this post with suggestions or questions.


Do I have my ducks in a row? 2014 Nursing Edition

We generally have students come to our office who merely want to check to see that they have all their ducks in a row. While we encourage students to come a semester in advance to do this, there are some last minute items students forget or overlook. We hope this presentation clears up  any confusion.

Feel free to contact us at with questions. The subject should read:  2014 “program name” Application Questions.

Allied Health Application 2015

Some of the Allied health programs are going through some changes to their competitive admissions. They are still in the process of finalizing the changes  and hope to be done in September. Here are some highlights to the changes for this 2015 application. 

PTA will be going competitive.  You may view the changes via the online catalog:

  • English
  • TEAS
  • Competitive admissions


  • No more interviews
  • TEAS test has been added to the prerequisites 

Medical Lab

  • Pending addition of the TEAS test
  • Pending competitive admissions


  • Will remain first come first serve this year but will go competitive in 2016


  • Qualify for English 111 or Higher

 There may be additional changes but these are the ones that we are aware of at this time. Please keep an eye out for the new application which will have all of the changes for 2015.

Virtual MEC Exchange Workshops

For everything you ever wanted to know about the MEC’s Allied Health & Nursing Programs…

June 12th and June 23rd

An MEC Academic Advisor will present information about the admission process for Allied Health and Nursing Programs. The presentation is live and interactive. Please register for the upcoming workshop or check the site for other dates and times!

Interested?  Sign up via our Website,

What Happens to my Application to the (insert program name) Once I Send it in?

This is a question that is often asked by nervous students getting ready to submit.  Applicants imagine a dark nebulous hole that engulfs their application and consumes their hopes of getting in.  Often they think that an application is passed over, forgotten or lost in some drawer.  In reality every application that is received by student services is vetted by several individuals. It is the general practice that any application which does not meet the requirements be checked by at least two people.

Once an application has been vetted one of a few things occurs depending on the program. In general the applicant receives an email stating that their application has been received and is in process. Any missing requirements are noted in the initial email that goes out.  Students are encouraged to ask questions at this stage. If there has been an error their application is rechecked and corrected right away.  The best way for an applicant to resolve an issue would be to respond to the email they received.


There have been rumors floating around that the Dianostic Medical Sonography program here at the MEC Campus is not available. This is untrue. The program is still available to students.  However, the specializations are not currently available to students.


The catalog has been updated online to reflect this as well:

Diagnostic Medical Sonography A.A.S. (Degree program still active)

    Echocardiography Specialization NOVA is not currently accepting students into this degree specialization
    Vascular Sonography Specialization NOVA is not currently accepting students into this degree specialization

The program had received notice that it formally received its accreditation in the spring 2012:

Congratulations to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program! The program has now been officially accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Please read the Special Accreditation Announcement for more information.

Please view the information sessions for all current updates and the current application for the program.

Upcoming Workshop for Prospective MEC Students

If you are a student who is interested in applying to either MEC Nursing or Allied Health programs, this workshop is for you!

 At this academic advising week workshop, we will: 

  • review admissions requirements,
  • discuss how to prioritize pre-requisites/plan ahead for course selection,
  • discuss frequently asked questions/common mistakes, and
  • provide other program options (if not offered MEC Admission)

 MEC Exchange Workshop (Friday, November 4th, 2pm-4pm, Rooms 327/330)

 Prospective MEC students, please click on the following link to register for the MEC Exchange Workshop:  

 Space is limited.  You must register to attend. If you have any additional inquiries please contact Ms. Tonda Shine (MEC Retention Counselor) at

Allied Health Common Application: What Happened to the Checklists?

Students, faculty and staff!  If you have not already noticed, there is no longer the two step process to apply for Allied Health Degree programs (at the present time this does not include Nursing).  In the past students had to submit a checklist to MEC Student Services and an advisor would verify whether students met the requirements for admission.  If so, they would receive an application to be submitted to the academic department.

This summer a common application for MEC Allied Health degrees was introduced where students will complete and submit by the admissions deadline.  Allied Health applications are only to be submitted if students have completed all requirements for admission and are ready to apply to the next entering class.  It is now a one-step process!  The Allied Health application can be found on all MEC Allied Health academic department websites and the Allied Health webpage at

Please view information sessions for all interested programs and follow the directions provided in the info sessions and application.  Right now, some information sessions may not have the audio but just the powerpoints are available.  View the powerpoint slides which provide instructions for prospective students.  You may be prompted to open in Acrobat Reader.  Click on that statement if the information session is not visible immediately. 

The application on page 4 provides a great chart that outlines: Pre-Admission Course Requirements, Cumulative Minimum GPA/Placement Test Requirements and Required Attachments to Application.  Please read these sections carefully to avoid applications being returned.  It is also a good resource for counselors to advise pre-Allied Health students at their campuses.  The required attachments are also very important.  For example, we are now requesting that high school transcripts for Dental Hygiene are included with your application packet instead of being mailed separately and in advance.

Certain certificate programs are still utilizing a checklist (EMS).  The common application right now applies to Allied Health associate degree programs.

Let us know if you have any questions!