New Nursing Pre-Admission Test Information


Please take the time to look at the Nursing Pre-Admission Test Information. It list the new rules governing the Nursing Pre-Admission Test( TEAS). It is important that you read and understand the rules outlined in this document.


New Nursing Application Available Now!

The much anticipated Nursing Application is finally here.  Along with the new look the application has taken a new spin on some of the requirements.  One of the new changes is the additional option to take BIO 150 – Introductory Microbiology (4 CR.). Now a student may opt to take BIO 141-142 & BIO 150 in place of NAS 161-NAS 162. In the past only the BIO 205 in addition to BIO 141-142 met the science course requirement in place of NAS 161-162.  The other major diversion from previous year’s applications is the GPA requirement. In the past a student was measured by their cumulative GPA.  For this year the Nursing Division has elected to look at the “GPA … (based on last 12 credit hours of prerequisite course work).”

The Nursing Division has also updated their application deadlines.  Please be sure to take the time to carefully review the new application and application deadlines for the Nursing Program.

Important Links-

Course Content Summary for BIO 150-

Nursing Division-

What Happens to my Application to the (insert program name) Once I Send it in?

This is a question that is often asked by nervous students getting ready to submit.  Applicants imagine a dark nebulous hole that engulfs their application and consumes their hopes of getting in.  Often they think that an application is passed over, forgotten or lost in some drawer.  In reality every application that is received by student services is vetted by several individuals. It is the general practice that any application which does not meet the requirements be checked by at least two people.

Once an application has been vetted one of a few things occurs depending on the program. In general the applicant receives an email stating that their application has been received and is in process. Any missing requirements are noted in the initial email that goes out.  Students are encouraged to ask questions at this stage. If there has been an error their application is rechecked and corrected right away.  The best way for an applicant to resolve an issue would be to respond to the email they received.

RAD 100 Transitioning to RAD 105

Starting for Spring 2013 registration RAD 100 will be converting to RAD 105. Students working towards completing their course pre-admission requirements for the Radiography program, who have not yet taken RAD 100, will now need to search for and enroll in RAD 105.

Not to worry, students who have already completed RAD 100 in preparation to apply to the Radiography program will not need to retake RAD 105 to fulfill pre-admission requirements.

Register now for MEC Exchange Workshop for Fall 2012

At this MEC Exchange workshop, we will:

  • review admissions requirements,
  • discuss how to prioritize pre-requisites/plan ahead for course selection,
  • discuss frequently asked questions/common mistakes, and
  • provide other program options (if not offered MEC Admission)

This workshop will be held at the various campuses.  Prospective MEC students, please click on the following link to register for the MEC Exchange Workshop: closest to you.

High School Transcripts Required for MEC Admission Applications: Request Them Early!

As we begin the Fall 2012 semester, it is an ideal time to reflect upon your educational goals and to think about how you will go about achieving them to make this your most successful academic year yet. For those of you interested in applying to one of our Medical Education programs in the Spring 2013 semester, one of the success strategies you may wish to employ is early preparation of your Allied Health or Nursing application package, which for some means gathering a few extra required documents.

If you were not already aware, a couple of the programs offered at the Medical Education Campus require that students submit additional documentation along with their admission application. In particular, Dental Hygiene and all Nursing program tracks require submission of your high school transcript showing date of graduation and, for Nursing, specific coursework with final grades. To answer a common question we advisors frequently hear: Yes, submission of a high school transcript for these programs is required regardless of whether or not a student has previous college credit or has already earned a college degree.

Because there could be delay in obtaining your high school transcript for any number of reasons, you will want to begin this process early so that you will have a complete admission package when it comes time to apply to your program of interest. Those of you who have graduated from a high school within the United States will want to begin by contacting your high school and inquiring about the steps you need to take to have an official transcript mailed to you or how you may be able to pick one up. If you earned a GED and need to request the certificate, you will want to contact the Department of Education in your home state and request an official copy be mailed to you.

For international students, you will also want to begin by contacting your high school and inquiring about the steps required to request and obtain an official transcript; however, prior to submitting them to NOVA, you will need to have them translated and evaluated for U.S. equivalence by one of the agencies listed in the following document:

*NOVA will only accept international high school transcripts that have been translated and evaluated.

We understand that in some situations it may be difficult to obtain your international transcripts and to have them evaluated for U.S. equivalence. Under these circumstances, a student will need to take the General Education Development (GED) test and, if you are applying for admission to any of the Nursing tracks, complete the following courses either by taking classes at NVCC or through Nursing ABC: BIO 101, CHM 101, and MTT 4 or higher.

Further information about studying for and taking the GED is available at:

To explore the opportunity to complete courses through Nursing ABC, please visit:

 So, remember: plan ahead, prepare early, and make this your most successful academic year yet! Best of luck in all of your academic endeavors!



There have been rumors floating around that the Dianostic Medical Sonography program here at the MEC Campus is not available. This is untrue. The program is still available to students.  However, the specializations are not currently available to students.


The catalog has been updated online to reflect this as well:

Diagnostic Medical Sonography A.A.S. (Degree program still active)

    Echocardiography Specialization NOVA is not currently accepting students into this degree specialization
    Vascular Sonography Specialization NOVA is not currently accepting students into this degree specialization

The program had received notice that it formally received its accreditation in the spring 2012:

Congratulations to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program! The program has now been officially accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Please read the Special Accreditation Announcement for more information.

Please view the information sessions for all current updates and the current application for the program.

MEC Counselor Email

For specific questions which require us to access your academic record, you should use the email.  Please use your vccs student email and provide us with your question and EMPL ID number.  For privacy reasons and a faster response, please refrain from using the MEC Blog to ask specific questions relating to your status.  Thanks!