Be still, my beating heart!

Anatomy Heart English Tiesworks

Valentine’s day is a holiday of the heart.  Most people celebrate by showing that special someone they care with flowers and chocolates; but here at the MEC Library, we take things a little more literally.  This Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating the human heart!  Check out some of the resources listed below to learn more about this fascinating organ.

American Heart Association is a great place to find statistics, practice guidelines, educational materials, and information on heart disease from arrhythmia to stroke.

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, has lots of heart friendly information on its website targeted at both healthcare professionals and the general public.  Find funding and research opportunities, clinical trials, or calculate your 10 year risk of having a heart attack.

The Center for Disease Control’s Heart Disease page has facts and statistics, risk factors, prevention tips, and educational materials for professionals and patients.  The CDC also has an Interactive Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke where you can view county level maps of heart disease and stroke across the United States.

Hungry?  Why not try some heart healthy recipes from the Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association, Food Network, or Heart Healthy Living!

Don’t forget MEC library has lots of books about the heart and heart disease.  You can search the Library Catalog for terms such as heart, heart disease, cardiac care or cardiovascular system.

MEC library also has a human heart model at the front desk available for in-library use.  Come check it out!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the MEC Library!

Exams and Finals and Term Papers, OH MY!

The end of the semester can be a stressful time.  Even finding a quiet place to prepare for exams or write papers can be difficult; especially with the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Don’t fear, the MEC library is here to help!

Not only is the library a great place to gather information, we are also a fantastic place to put that information in your brain, i.e. STUDY!  If you haven’t visited MEC library yet, consider it your home base for end-of-semester writing, studying, etc.  We have lots of study carrels, comfy chairs, and computers for you to get those final semester projects done.

MEC Library has 2 group study rooms available for groups of 2-6 students.  Each room has a large flat-screen monitor equipped with a computer, DVD/VHS player and laptop inputs.  It’s a great place to practice a group presentation or meet with a study group.

We also have 20 computers in the front of the library (a good place to print that term paper) and a computer classroom in the back of the library.  As long as there is no class being taught, students are welcome to use the computer classroom for individual or group work.

Do you prefer to study in silence?  The library has a quiet study room in the back corner.  If you need quiet (and are willing hush for the sake of those around you), take advantage of this quiet space.  You can even shut the door to avoid sounds from the rest of the library.

Don’t forget, the library is next door to the Testing Center– perfect for a last-minute review of your notes.  We also print test passes – just ask at the Reference Desk.

As always, the library staff is more than happy to help you with any questions or problems that might arise.  If you need research assistance, help with APA citations, or just having printer problems – ask!

All of us at the MEC Library wish you the best of luck in these final weeks of the Fall semester!