VERF Adjustment Form Process

All Student Veterans,

Please be aware that if you have submitted a paper copy of your original enrollment form for the Summer-16 Semester that you must submit an Adjustment Form in the same manner.  If you try to submit an Adjustment Form via the Online Certification page, it will not recognize you in the system since you did not submit an Initial VERF to get certified for the semester.  If there are any questions please contact the Office of Military and Veteran Services at 703-293-8132 or at

New Online Certification Process

Starting July 1st. NOVA will only accept   Fall 2016 enrollment certification and adjustment forms online. Please make sure you have registered for your classes BEFORE submitting the online certification. You will need to know your MYNOVA Username and MYNOVA password to access the system. If you have any questions, please see your campus veterans office or contact military and veterans services at:

Welcome to the new Office of Military and Veteran Services Blog!

The Office of Military and Veterans Services (OMVS) is a centralized office that provides resources to veterans and military-related personnel who use VA and educational benefits.

Our office and the campus Military and Program Advisors provide, guidance on the requirements for certification, and act as liaisons between NOVA and the Department of Veterans Affairs while assisting our student veterans in their transition from military to student. In additional to students using their educational benefits, our goal and mission is centered on our students’ success in their academic studies; which includes making sure each recipient understands the policies and regulations of each benefit.

We will provide regular updates to policies and events as they occur!