Who, What, Why…

Who? I am a Sociology professor at Northern Virginia Community College on the Alexandria campus. My dissertation entitled: The Jeito of the Mulata: Race, Identity, and Distinction in a Racial Democracy, highlights my interests as an academic and a teacher.  my research discusses the relationship between national icons (in this case the mixed race woman known as the mulata) and how individual women negotiate their own racial, class, and gender identities in relation to the icon and to each other.

What? exactly is Sociology aside from some social science course you need to take? Sociology is the study of how you, an individual, are influenced by the world around you.  It’s the relationship between what you probably think are “your” ideas, choices, worldviews, etc., and the larger social forces that help to create and impact those choices.



Why take Sociology?  because it teaches you how to think through what we call the Sociological Imagination.  To think beyond yourself, to understand your place in the world, to think critically about how and why the world works the way it does.

What I teach:

  1. Principles of Sociology (SOC 200)
  2. Sociology of Gender  (SOC 225)
  3. Sociology of Race & Ethnicity  (SOC 266)


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