NOVA Blog Roundup: February 10-11, 2014

Prof. Kush Jenkins linked to economist Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose (Part One, Part Two).

The Loudoun Adjunct Faculty blog announced Success Strategy Group information for Spring 2014.

The Workforce Development Division of NOVA will be offering two Cisco Certification prep courses.

Intercom published their February 10, 2014 edition.

Woodbridge Campus Instructional Support Services published their February newsletter.

Nan Peck encouraged readers to nominate outstanding faculty members for the NVCC Alumni Federation Faculty of the Year Award.

In honor of Black History Month, the Alexandria Campus Testing Center celebrated Dr. Maya Angelou.

On OEMP: Governor Terry McAuliffe declares state of emergency as winter storm approaches.


NOVA Blog Roundup: January 16 – 22, 2014

NOVA Web Updates announced the launch of our new online press kit.

Loudoun Adjunct Faculty promoted CETL’s Teaching Squares Program.

Kirstin Riddick invited faculty to her new Friday T.E.A. (Teaching/Engagement Arena).

Pathway to the Baccalaureate posted a volunteer opportunity for WO and AL Pathway students.

Economics Professor, Sushma Shukla asked “How the United States is dealing with scarcity in resources?“.

On Teaching Excellence:

On NOVA’s Historic Preservation Program:

Intercom published their January 22nd edition.

The Alexandria Campus Spanish Language and Culture blog previewed The GALA Theatre’s “La señorita de Tacna” .

NOVA Blog Roundup: January 15, 2014

NOVA Serves is ready for the 5th Annual NOVA Serves: MLK Day of Service.

The Workforce Development Division of NOVA‘s Workforce Industry Learning Series is back.

Teaching Excellence announced that ELI will be offering IDOL courses.

The ELI Common Reader Program offered “Ten #ELITips to get your started!“.

NOVA Blog Roundup: January 7-13, 2014

Financial Aid shared some FAFSA tips.

NOVA Women’s Center welcomed students back and linked to an “Amazing/Shocking PSA“.

Pathway to the Baccalaureate profiled Pathway Advisory Council member, Seerat Sandhu.

IT and Computer Science Professor, Ryan Myers welcomed students to a new semester.

The ELI Common Reader Program posted some tips to help ELI students succeed and talked about SmarterMeasure assessment.

NOVA and the World announced the 2014 CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars.

The Manassas Campus Library announced their Spring Semester hours.

The Spanish Language and Culture Blog encouraged readers to resolve to read more “Libros” in 2014.

David Miller discussed “Virginia’s Ultra Close 6th District Election“.

On Teaching Excellence:

Greg Perrier shared his “Analysis of Fall 2013 Second Life Evaluation“.

The Annandale Campus Library announced their Spring hours.

Dr. Art Schuhart discussed Academic Goals.

Kirstin Riddick explained how to “create interactive mobile presentations with NearPod“.

The NOVA Police Department announced their Outreach Training schedule for January and February.

“Do you have questions about our programs at the Medical Education campus?” Sign up for the MEC Exchange workshop.

Intercom published their January 13th edition.

Nan Peck shared 5 tips for making a good first impression with your professor.

NOVACares posted their PUP Conference slide presentation.

Tildon Turner welcomed students to Spring 2014 ESL 41.

NOVA Blog Roundup: January 6, 2014

NOVA Serves announced the 5th Annual MLK Day of Service.

The Pathway to the Baccalaureate Student Blog wished readers a Happy New Year.

On Grants Development: The American Association of University Women is accepting applications for its Community Action Grants.

Lucy Gebre-Egziabher announced a Film Directing class at the Alexandria Campus.

NOVA Blog Roundup: Holiday Break Catchup Edition

Welcome back!

On Spatial Matters:

Geography Instructor David Miller, posted his Virginia State Senate election predictions.

Dr. Christine Bozarth announced her Spring 2014, Environmental Science Course offerings.

The NOVA Institute for Public Service‘s Elections Watch blog posted a Geopolitical view of the “Race for the Northam & Herring Virginia Senate Seats”.

Art Lin of Instructional Support and Development chose Nearpod as his App of the Week.

Adult Career Pathways sees the new year as a “New Opportunity to Lower Stress“.

Admissions & Advising posted details on the SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Advising and Registration Lab.

Stephen D. Ward announced his Spring 2014 ITN courses.

Greg Perrier leads us through “a winding trail in a strange land“, his path through Second Life.

Professor of Accounting and Business, Kush Jenkins, shared “The Men Who Built America“, a documentary about Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller.

The ELI Common Reader Program welcomed new students to ELI.

NOVA Blog Roundup: December 13-18, 2013

The Workforce Development Division will be hosting Oil and Gas Industry Certification Program information sessions.

Intercom published their December 16th edition.

Kirstin Riddick highlighted Quizlet, “a quintessential study aid”.

The Alexandria Campus Open Computer Center is closed for winter break.

The Annandale Campus Library shared “8 words you need to know to survive The Hunger Games“.

Nan Peck wished readers Happy Holidays.

Communication Matters encouraged communication majors to join Sigma Chi Eta.

NOVA Blog Roundup: December 11-12, 2013

Sandra Chadwell linked to the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013.

Encore Theatrical Arts Project is presenting “Switching Christmas” at the Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center.

Exam Cram Fall 2013 was a success for the Manassas Campus Library!

The Gordon M. Cook Woodbridge Campus Library posted their hours for the week of December 16th.

Kirstin Riddick explained how to “add a little animation” to your Blackboard courses and presentations.

Ella Gilliam shared some test taking strategies.

NOVA Blog Roundup: December 5 – December 10, 2013

OEMP encouraged readers to sign up for NOVAAlert to get emergency notices.

NOVA Web Updates covered the launch of the new Discover NOVA website.

Spatial Matters posted some internship links.

Alexandria Campus Community Outreach posted their December 2013 schedule and details on the Alexandria Holiday Concert.

NOVACares promoted the HopeLine, cell phone donation project and asked readers to “See the Signs” to help stop domestic violence.

Dr. Art Schuhart asked students to allow a little extra time to get things done at the end of the semester.

On Film Exposed:

NOVA and the World detailed the Summer 2014 Study Abroad program – Part One, Part Two.

Admissions & Advising posted Easy Steps to Web Registration.

The Spanish Language & Culture Blog recapped the S.A.L.S.A. trip to the National Gallery of Art.

Adult Career Pathways explained that “communication skills key ingredient to getting hired in today’s STEM economy“.

The Alexandria Campus Testing Center posted some helpful test-taking strategies.

Intercom published their December 9th edition.

The Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center is hosting the 2014 Juried Photography Exhibition.

Alton Tripp shared his experience using Blackboard Collaborate during our recent snow day.