NOVA Blog Roundup: November 12, 2013

Sushma Shukla linked to an analysis of “Great Recession” in 2007 and “Depression of the early 1930s”.

ELI Common Reader Program asked “Do you keep your garden going through the winter?“.

Teaching Excellence posted details on the upcoming Science Seminar – “Climate Change Mitigation and Impacts: Technologies and Policies“.

NOVACares wants readers to “save the date” for an upcoming ASIST training opportunity.

Alexandria Campus Community Outreach continued their Faculty Spotlight series with Assistant Professor in Fine Arts, Sherry Trachtman, posted the itinerary for the SGA Leadership Training Program, announced that NOVA is accepting nominations for student excellence recognition and previewed the next Science Seminar.

Spatial Matters previewed the Fourth Annual ASPRS GeoLeague Challenge and linked to What is Missing? — “a web mapping service to chronicle species loss”.

Teaching and Learning Matters previewed Catherine Middlecamp’s upcoming workshop: “The Campus as a Learning Laboratory“.