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“The Hunting Ground” will be shown at the AL Campus on 11.2.15, 11AM, AA196

We are excited to announce that NOVA will be screening The Hunting Ground on November 2, 2015! The Hunting Ground is a 2015 documentary about campus sexual assault. This documentary sheds light on the rape culture found on many college campuses. The viewing will be followed by a panel discussion with high-level NOVA administrators. This is a college-wide event but will take place at the Alexandria Campus.

The Hunting Ground screening

The Hunting Ground screening

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NOVA SAS – Did You Know?

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Professional Sports Leagues Respond to Domestic Violence

October 2, 2015: Professional Sports Leagues Respond to Domestic Violence

Did You Know?
Did you know that each of the major professional sports leagues in our country have policies and services to respond to domestic violence, whether their players are victimized or perpetrate violence?
MLB (Major League Baseball): The most recent league to implement a policy, MLB’s is a comprehensive response that includes investigation and discipline for current offenses, treatment and intervention for both the victim and the offender, and regular prevention education.
NBA (National Basketball Association): Domestic violence convictions are handled under the league’s rules about “Unlawful Violence” – players are immediately suspended for a minimum of 10 games, must get a clinical evaluation and attend counseling sessions. Additionally, NBA union officials said players already receive [prevention] training at least one year before they join the basketball league.
NFL (National Football League): The NFL’s policy, announced in December 2014, includes developing critical response teams for each team as well as prevention education programming for youth in football programs.
NHL (National Hockey League): Officials said they meet with players annually to discuss conduct and conduct and determine responses to domestic violence on a case-by-case basis.
Sources: Click on the hyperlinks above for more information.

What can we do?

 Get Educated!
o Watch the NFL’s Call to Coaches video

o Read this research overview on engaging men and boys and this research on how to mobilize men and boys as allies

 Promote implementation of primary prevention programs such as:

o Coaching Boys into Men

o Teach Early

 Attend George Mason University’s Healthy Masculinity workshop on 10/28.

 Use social media to spread the word!
o DVAM: Did you know that all major professional sports leagues have policies in place to respond to #DomesticViolence? Let’s take their lead and promote prevention efforts, such as Teach Early, in youth sports leagues here in #FairfaxCounty. #DVAM2015 #LookAgain

o DYK we can help stop #domesticviolence through youth prevention efforts, such as #TeachEarly. #DVAM2015 #FairfaxCounty #LookAgain
[Go to:, when you scroll down the page, social media links will pop up on the left.]

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM)

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM)! Each business day in October, we send out a “DVAM: Did You Know?” highlighting interesting research findings and statistics or best practices in preventing and responding to domestic violence. Please share with your friends, family members, community groups, and colleagues.

October 1, 2015: Look Again at Domestic Violence in Fairfax County

Did You Know?

Did you know that every day in Fairfax County we respond to two people who are at high risk for homicide or serious physical injury at the hands of the person they love?

The Fairfax County Police Department has teamed up with the Fairfax County Office for Women & Domestic and Sexual Violence Services, Artemis House (Shelter House, Inc.), Bethany House of Northern Virginia, the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, and the Victim Services Section of the FCPD to better predict and, ultimately, prevent serious injury and homicide from happening.

On July 1, 2015, those agencies started the Lethality Assessment Program. In the first two months of the program, over half (54%) of all domestic violence cases screened by FCPD were high-danger.

Of those cases, victims reported serious lethality risks, such as:
1. 33% reported the presence of a firearm in the home (or easy access to one)
 The presence of a firearm makes it 5 times more like domestic violence will turn into murder.*

2. 55% reported stalking victimization (the offender following or spying on them or leaving threatening messages)
 Nationally, 76% of femicide victims were stalked prior to their murder.

3. 64% reported a history of strangulation (often referred to as ‘choking’)
 Strangulation is a serious crime that often leaves no visible injuries, even though it can create temporary or permanent brain damage in as little as 30 seconds.

 A victim of domestic violence with a history of strangulation has a 800% increased risk of homicide.

*J. C. Campbell, D; Webster, J; Koziol-McLain, C. R; et al. 2003. Risk Factors For Femicide in Abusive Relationships: Results From A Multi-Site Case Control Study. American Journal of Public Health. 93(7). Accessed from:
** Judith McFarlane et al., “Stalking and Intimate Partner Femicide,” Homicide Studies 3, no. 4 (1999).] More at:
*** Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Daniel Webster, Jane Koziol-McLain, et al. “Risk Factors for Femicide in Abusive Relationships: Results from a Multisite Case Control Study.” American Journal of Public Health, Volume 93, No. 7 (July 2003) 1089-1097. A study of 300 cases of strangulation survivors conducted by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office revealed that in 50% of the cases there were no visible markings to the neck and 35 % had only minor injuries (Strack, McClane & Hawley, 2001).

What can we do?

 Let’s change those statistics! Educating ourselves and our community members is a good first start:

o Join us for a media event today at 1:30pm at the Historic Courthouse:!

o Use social media to spread the word! Post or tweet responsible media articles (like any on the LAP press release above) on the subject or simple facts about the issue. Find sample posts and tweets like these each day in the DVAM Did you Know? this month:

o DVAM: Did you know that #domesticviolence is a leading cause of homicide in Fairfax County? DV-related homicides are predictable and preventable. Please help spread the word that services and support are available. For help, call Fairfax County’s 24-hour Hotline: 703-360-7273.

o DYK #DomesticViolence is a leading cause of homicide in #FairfaxCounty? Help is available: 703-360-7273 (24 HR) #DVAM2015 #LookAgain

o Start a conversation! Everyone can speak out against domestic violence. You may be the safest person for a family member, friend, neighbor, or coworker to talk to. Check out these tips:
o What to say when you think someone is being abused
o What to say if you suspect someone is using abusive behavior

Sandy Bromley, JD
Fairfax County-Wide Domestic Violence Coordinator
Office: (703) 324-9494 Cell: (571) 215-2429
Community Events & Resources:

Fairfax County Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC)
Information & Intake Line: (703) 246-4573

Fairfax County Office for Women & Domestic and Sexual Violence Services
24-hour Hotline: (703) 360-7273

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TODAY ONLY: Vote for Access Hope in WTOP’s Contest – Click for a cause!



Please click like for Access Hope in this contest sponsored by WTOP. Access Hope provides free mental health counseling to NOVA Students without insurance.

“I am a board member of Access Hope and the organization is participating in WTOP’s Click for A Cause. Just by selecting “Like” under the Access Hope blurb, you can help us win up to $12,000, which we can really use! No money out of your pocket – just a click of a button. 🙂

Please follow this link and look up Access Hope under “A” and click the Like button. And, if you feel so inclined, please share!

Thank you!

WTOP is giving away cash to your favorite charity! Let everyone know that you support ACCESS HOPE by VOTING today at Http:// Please share with your friends & family! It’s free, easy and could win us $12,000 to help us create partnerships to provide free mental health services to the under-served.

Everyone can cut and paste this blurb to send out to as many people as possible. Thanks so much!

Have a great weekend!


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Start the Year Off Right – Hints from ULifeline

Whether you’ve been preparing to go back to school for weeks or you’re a last minute packer, it’s time to head to campus. These wellness tips will help you start the school year off right.
1. Stay Focused: Summer is a good time to relax and recharge – but after a few months in the sun, it’s helpful to refocus on what you want to get out of your education. Reflect on what your college education means to you, and how it helps you to achieve your potential. This will allow you to return to school with a fresh and newly energized mindset.
2. Get Mentally and Physically Prepared: The school grind can be tough. Loads of work and socializing can put your mind and body under pressure. Clear you mind and stay centered by exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating well.
3. Set Achievable Goals: It’s easy to get bogged down with work and other obligations. Setting goals can help you manage your priorities when the school year starts. Whether it’s to join more clubs, get involved with a charity, go for a walk every day or take advantage of your professor’s office hours, specific goals will help make the school year more productive.
4. Create Good Habits: Good habits (like getting to bed earlier or limiting your hours of screen time) can do wonders for your well-being. Establishing good habits at the beginning of the school year will help you to start off on the right foot and maintain them moving forward.
5. Don’t Overthink It: Be confident in your preparation and your abilities as a student. Try not to get too caught up in worrying about your grades or how much other students may be doing compared to you. Instead, put trust in yourself that you will be fine and are capable of navigating challenges that may come your way.
Remember, if you are concerned about yourself or a friend, please speak up and ask for help. Reach out to a counselor or advisor on your campus. You can always text “START” to 741-741 or call 1-800-273 TALK (8255) for support.
For more tips about staying emotionally healthy at school, visit

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NOVACares in NOVA Quick Facts!

NOVACares in NOVA Quick Facts!

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Openings for Mental Health Counseling for NOVA Students Without Insurance

Access Hope has openings for Individual Therapy for students without insurance for mental health counseling. Please refer students to the Academic Counseling Center on each campus for screening.  Students please consult a counselor for more information.

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Now you can make a donation to help support NOVA Sexual Assault Services!

NOVA Sexual Assault Services (SAS) is a program operated under the NOVACares Office at Northern Virginia Community College. Its mission is to address the issues of sexual assault, stalking, and dating/partner violence by providing confidential support and services to our college victims and their significant others, as well as to provide educational outreach to the entire college community. If you would like to donate to this program, please go to:, go to ‘make a gift’ and you will be able to submit a credit card donation. The title of the account is ‘NOVA Sexual Assault Services.’ The SAS account number is 11-0523. Thank you very much for assisting us provide assistance to those impacted by these issues.

Questions? Contact….

Connie J. Kirkland, MA
National Certified Counselor
Director, Office of Student Mental Health and Behavior
Northern Virginia Community College
7630 Little River Turnpike, Suite 306
Annandale, Virginia 22003-3796
Phone: 703.323.2136
Cell: 571.422.5339
Fax: 703.323.3764

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