Screen yourself using the new “OneLove Danger Assessment App” for domestic violence. What is too much???? (click here to go directly to the questionnaire)


Welcome to the Danger Assessment App.

Everyone deserves to be safe and healthy in their relationship, including when a relationship ends.

Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether you’re experiencing the typical ups and downs of relationship stress and conflict, or whether you’re experiencing an abusive relationship that puts you at risk of deadly violence.

This app is designed to inform you of your risk of being killed by an abusive partner or ex-partner.

Due to the sensitivity of this of this information, the app will disable itself after one use, but it can be downloaded again.

All of your information is completely anonymous.  No record is being kept of your user information or responses.  No data can or will be shared with 3rd parties.  At the completion of this app you will be provided with information and resources so you can contact professionals who can help you keep yourself safe.  No one associated with the OneLove Danger Assessment app can or will contact you individually.

Sometimes abused women end up in contact with the criminal justice system — whether to seek protective orders or because they have been assaulted by an abuser.  Please be advised that there is no record of your responses, and your answers cannot be subpoenaed for future use.

Resources for keeping yourself safe are available at the end of this app.  If you believe you are in immediate danger, dial 911.

To start, we’d like to find out a little bit about the relationship that concerns you – even if it is with an ex-partner.



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