Tip of the Week: Anxiety

Anxiety can be very hard to deal with on your own. School, finances, or job duties can cause anxiety. It can begin to take over everything, making it difficult to enjoy good moments. Talking to someone or getting help is a great way to manage or overcome your anxiety.
To learn more, go to https://www.healthline.com/health/anxiety#disorders or submit a report for help at https://www.nvcc.edu/novacares/program/index.html – click on “make a report”


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One thought on “Tip of the Week: Anxiety”

  1. very informative post. Anxiety become alarming problem for our society and we find it tough to overcome from it. because of continuous pressure of technology and tech related work, we take our self far from the nature and these things occur Anxiety, anger etc. this is useful post and thanks for share.

    Thanks again for writing and sharing!

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