Professional Development Resources

NOVA L.E.A.D.S. Professional Development Resource Handout

It is important that you be both responsible and proactive with your professional development as a higher education employee.  We will often find that our next level of career progression may depend on our progress and/or completion of additional education.

Professional Development Plan

A Professional Development Plan, also known as an Individual Development Plan (IDP), or Employee Development Plan (EDP), is used as a tool to help plan a career, guide development and assess progress toward your career goals. Here are a few steps to creating a development plan:

  • Conduct a Self- Assessment – Decide what you want to change or improve.
  • Identify Support – Make a list of resources that will help you to make those changes: Books, online courses, continued education, informational interviews and people.
  • Create Goals and Action Steps – Schedule a specific amount of time each day towards using those resources to achieve your individual development goals.
  • Monitor Your Progress – Track your progress by taking notes or journaling. This will keep you focused and encouraged. Take time to celebrate all successes, big and small.

There are several examples available on the internet and I have included an example IDP for your review.


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Professional Associations

NASFAA – National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators –