NOVA Online Student Spotlight

Check out our spotlight blog post below from NOVA Online student, Angelique about her experience taking online courses!

There were so many things keeping me from enrolling in college. My time with my family was a big one. I never really considered taking online classes until my sister took a few over the summer before she transferred to George Mason. I decided that if my little sister could keep up her social life, nannying, and tutoring, I could manage a few classes as well. I went through the enrollment process and decided that NOVA Online Student life was for me.

My drive to succeed has really helped me with this new process. Even my coworkers are considering taking a few classes at NOVA, as they can see how this experience has truly enriched me and already helped me better myself in the workplace. My e-mail communications are more clear and concise, my interactions with peers and employees are more fulfilling, and my written reviews are better quality. All these changes are from just a few short weeks.

While online learning has presented some difficulties, such as online textbooks that are more difficult to read than a paper textbook and even scheduling time for exams on campus, I have really enjoyed the flexibility that online courses give me. I can complete assignments when I have time, usually sporadically throughout the week, rather than have to commit to a set class schedule. In between nap time, snack time, and other meal times, I am finally on a path to completing my higher education. I am proud of my accomplishments and I think that shows all those around me that they can do the same.

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