Geoscience Field courses at Annandale

It’s summertime, and that means one and two-credit Geoscience field courses are offered at NOVA – Annandale. Consider enrolling yourself! If you have friends or colleagues whom you think might be interested, spread the word.

null1. GOL 135-052N (Index #12879): Miocene Geology of Calvert Cliffs, MD. A full one-day field trip Sat., 6/28/14 (9 AM-6 PM); Rain date Sun. 6/29/14. This one-day trip considers Miocene seas spread across the Chesapeake Bay region ca. 10-20 million years ago. We visit the Calvert Marine Museum collections, and study ancient sediments, stratigraphy, and paleoenvironments preserved along the western shore of the Maryland Chesapeake within the world-famous Calvert Cliffs. An additional $6 museum fee required. NO PREREQUISITES!

2. GOL 299-051N (Index #12031)- Natural History and Environmental Processes of Chesapeake Bay. A full two-day, two-credit hybrid (lecture/field) course (Mon., 7/14/14 on-campus lecture, and Wed., 7/16/14 field trip on the Bay). This hybrid two-day course considers the natural history, environmental processes, and current health of the Chesapeake Bay, our largest estuary. Course includes background readings, on-campus lecture/lab, coastal field studies, and an offshore boat trip on the Chesapeake. Additional $15 boat fee required. This is an introductory-level, multidisciplinary course well-suited to educators. NO PREREQUISITES!

3. GOL 135-058N (Index #12882)- Building Stones and Historic Quarries of Baltimore, MD. A full one-day field trip Sat. 7/26/14 (9 AM-8:30 PM); Rain date: Sun. 7/27/14. This one-day walking and driving tour will visit buildings and monuments of Baltimore Metro area, as well as historic quarries and natural outcroppings of Texas-Cockeysville area. Focus will be the long geologic history of the region, and the rocks used to construct buildings and monuments in Baltimore and Washington, DC. NO PREREQUISITES!

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