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As a NOVA Online student, you have access to a plethora of resources to promote your success.  From free online tutoring, to online workshops, webinars blogs and more; NOVA Online offers unlimited resources to promote your success.  In addition to these and other resources, you also have access to a personal success coach!  Your success coach is available to promote your goals and maximize your learning experience at NOVA Online.

If you are experiencing course concerns or struggles, your coach is here to listen to your concerns and support you without judgment or criticism – he or she is your personal advocate.  Your coach will create a respectful and collaborative partnership from the initial communication. Using our resources and services, success coaches will suggest innovative strategies, and solutions to provide easy access to resources, referrals and information that will promote a positive academic experience

Sometimes students consult their coach if they are experiencing challenges juggling their personal responsibilities, college, work and family.  Other students may call seeking support as a first time college student in need of assistance with test taking skills, time management and transitioning to college life.  Many students reach out seeking academic resources to complement their study routine or if they have an emergency situation and are uncomfortable approaching their instructor.

Whatever the problem, your Success Coach will take the time to listen beyond your concerns/questions to hear your needs. Sometimes a struggle is as easy as getting a little more information to fully understand the need. Many times students contact a coach presenting a struggle that seems overwhelming but the real concern is often something else that can be easily addressed with professional assistance and guidance.

When you are struggling, looking for resources to promote your learning experience, have questions or concerns, you are encouraged to connect with your coach. Your coach will be there to serve as your advocate, empower you and promote your success.  For more information, please email your name and student ID to or call 703.764.5076.

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