Parking Changes for Fall 2014

Many of you have heard that NOVA has implemented several changes to its parking policies at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester. null

The changes are as follows:

• Free Evening and Weekend Student Parking. To minimize parking on neighborhood streets and optimize parking capacity at each campus, students will be able to park for free on all campuses after 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends in Student (B Lots) only. Students are not permitted to park in Faculty/Staff parking lots.

• Parking Permit Fee Reduction. To provide an incentive for students to park on-campus, the price of student parking permits will be rolled back by $15 per semester to $90.00 when purchased in-person or $80.00 when purchased on-line.

• Parking Infrastructure Support Fee. To offset the reduced parking revenue and provide continuing infrastructure support, a new per-credit-hour fee of $0.50 will be applied to support maintenance and construction of streets, walkways and lots, exterior lighting, signage and safety improvements.

• Graduation Incentive. To provide an additional incentive, graduating students will receive a full rebate of their final semester paid parking permit fee.