Motivational Minute: Pushing Toward your Goals

By now you are settling into the new year and I want to help you keep the momentum going in a BIG way! I’m sure you have set some new goals for the new year so take advantage of the opportunities  that will propel you forward toward your goals.  Let this be the time when you push yourself past all the limitations you set for yourself last year, last week, last night and see through the lens of possibilities and imagine them into reality. Get a clear picture of what you want for yourself in the future and all of your steps will be aimed at  creating it for yourself. If you don’t have a clear picture of what that future looks like, surround yourself with people who contribute to making you a better person and let them inspire the change you are capable of. NOVA Online has people here that can help you define your plans and future! Reach out to your NOVA Online Counselors and NOVA Online Success Coaches to talk about your goals and come up with a plan for carving out the best path to achieving them. You can go as far as your mind and effort can take you. How far will that be for you? Namaste.

Jennifer, NOVA Online Student Success Coach

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