Community Service Spotlight of the Month

kanga 3In our efforts to encourage and create a more civilly engaged community, each month we will be highlighting community service opportunities available and accessible for any student, no matter your geographic location!

Here is a unique service opportunity that benefits our global community!

Recently, parts of south Australia experienced some pretty harsh brush fires that injured several species of wildlife including koalas and various marsupials. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)  is looking for volunteers to help these animals recover.

After releasing photos of Koalas with burn injuries to their paws, the organization has already received several pairs of cotton mittens made to help in the healing of these koalas. Now, The IFAW is asking for assistance in making pouches for orphaned marsupials such as baby joeys and opossums. This is where you come in! If you are handy with a needle and thread, you can make your very own pouch to send to these animals in need! Find the directions on how to make these pouches and where to mail them to in the below link. Not the most arts and crafty person? No worries, you can still donate to help the cause (details in below link as well.)

Koalas Whose Paws Were Injured In Fires Have Plenty Of Mittens Now — But Kangaroos Need Help