Community Service Spotlight: Better World Books

7658051014_64f5e2cf11_hFor February, we want to highlight the Better World Books organization. Even though they may look like just another website that buy and sell used books, they are much more than that! Better World Books has an environmental as well as social mission.

They make a commitment to sustainability!  By finding and creating new ways for books to be recycled, Better World Books prevents the cycle of adding more unneeded waste to our landfills.

They have a strong focus on literacy!  Every book that is bought and sold through Better World Books helps fund literacy non-profits around the world. They have donated over 4 million books to under served communities.

How can you help?

You can support literacy programs by donating your own used books you might have! All you need is a box or envelope and Better World Books provide a free shipping label. This helps make it easier for participants to donate AND supports their sustainability mission by offsetting your carbon footprint!

Visit the site to learn more at :