Summer 2015: Using Financial Aid to purchase course materials

Students with pending financial aid can purchase books against their excess financial aid beginning online on May 4, 2015. Campus bookstore purchases begin on May 4, 2015 and continue through the term census date, June 1, 2015, the end of the book purchase period.

Students must complete the Bookstore Authorization E-Form, via the Financial Aid Dashboard, prior to completing their purchase. If you completed the online Bookstore Authorization form for the Fall or Spring term, it will remain valid for the Summer term. If you are purchasing books with your financial aid for the first time this academic year, please complete the Bookstore Authorization form.

Students enrolled in NOVA Online courses or wishing to make their purchase online must complete and electronically sign the Bookstore Authorization form via the Dashboard prior to your order being processed. Students enrolled or planning to enroll in later starting classes who desire to use their financial aid to purchase books must do so during this purchase period. Students who are awarded after the term census date will not be able to charge bookstore purchases against their undisbursed financial aid award until a second book purchase period opens prior to the second eight-week session.

  • First date to purchase books/supplies using financial aid: May 4, 2015
  • Last date to purchase books/supplies using financial aid: June 1, 2015

You may  place your order 24 hours after you complete the authorization e-form. Search the  online bookstore for the textbooks and course materials required for your NOVA Online courses. bookstore button