Student Lingo Online Workshops: Free Summer Professional Development

time mgmtSummer is the perfect time to get a head start on developing your skills by taking advantage of our free Student Lingo Online Workshops! Student Lingo is a series of interactive on-demand video workshops, action plans, and valuable resources, offered by NOVA-NOVA Online, focused on helping you achieve academic, personal and career goals.

Student Lingo will help make your academic success a reality. Don’t know where to start? If you have struggles balancing work, school and personal responsibilities, it is suggested that you begin with the Time Management: Strategies for Success workshop. Meeting deadlines and completing tasks in the required time frame is a critical part of college, career, life and more. As an online student you must be self-directed and able to plan your study time to be successful and meet course deadlines. In keeping with those priorities, The Time Management workshop presents valuable step-by-step tips to help you stay-on-track:

Improve attention, motivation and study habits, as you learn tips and approaches that will help you take control of your time and study routine

  • Examine how distractions impact the quality and quantity of your work.
  • Evaluate your circadian rhythm and develop a schedule that will work for you. Apply the strategies to your personal life as well as to your academics. As one NOVA Online student shared, “This workshop has helped me want to do better and really tap into my biological clock”.
  • Analyze your weekly schedule, review the ‘888 Formula’, and examine best practices to balance your hectic life.
  • Learn to set daily concrete goals and break down assignments into small manageable daily tasks.
  • Discover 10 pro-active study tips.

With knowledge gleaned from the workshop, you will be well on your way to a successful, well organized semester. After completing the workshop and survey, take a moment to pat yourself on the back and celebrate the commitment you have made to enhance your academic journey! Next, ask yourself how the methods and strategies that were just discussed can be incorporated into your life to promote your goals and ambitions. Lastly, take a moment to review the plethora of workshops and valuable academic resources offered by Student Lingo.