Student Lingo: Overcoming Procrastination

Are you a procrastinator?  Do you put off doing assignments or studying until right before the due date?  If you answered ‘Yes’ to this question, you could find that you have anxiety and lie more often than you desire.  Studies show that procrastinators often have heightened levels of anxiety.  Procrastinators often feel like they are forced to lie because of predicaments they face. One could conclude that a portion of the anxiety procrastinator’s face is linked to the lies they must tell to cover up their habit of procrastination.  All in all, procrastination, anxiety, and lying is all one big web of a headache.  By not procrastinating, a perpetrator does not need to lie about why they were late and, in-turn, feel the anxiety associated with being late.

Everyone inhibits a certain amount of procrastination but to find out if you are a true procrastinator and help you create an action plan on how to overcome your procrastination, this Student Lingo quiz will help you identify what tasks you may be putting off and help you down the fast-track to task completion.

As a NOVA student, you can access videos on a wide variety of topics such as overcoming procrastination via Student Lingo, an online repository of on-demand workshops.  If you need help overcoming procrastination or other barriers between you and success, the NOVA Online Success Coaching Team is here to help you! Feel free to contact the NOVA Online Success Coaching Team at (703) 764-5076 or NOVA for help with any academic struggle you may be facing.

-Kristin, NOVA Online Success Coach

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