National Distance Learning Week!

It’s National Distance Learning Week and throughout the week we are celebrating current students and making sure future students know the ins and outs of being an online student. Throughout the week on social media, you will see trivia, myths, pictures, and of course prizes! logoNot sure if online courses are right for you? Take the SmarterMeasure assessment to gauge your readiness! Listen to the Furthering your Education with NOVA Online webinar designed for prospective students and will focus on the benefits of studying online at NOVA’s Extended Learning Institute, programs offered, options for accelerating your program and student support services.

In addition to National Distance learning Week – it is also National Career Development Month. Join NOVA Online Career Counselor on Wednesday, November 11, 12:15 pm – 1:00 pm for the Exploring Career Options webinar – This 45 minute webinar will focus on using various online resources to research career options.  The relationship between programs of study at NOVA, college majors, and career options will be discussed.  Resources presented will provide information on nature of work, educational requirements, job outlook, and wages. Can’t attend a live session? Click here to request a recording.

Tuesday, November 10 – 12:15 – 1:00 pm – Getting Ready for your Second Semester – Join us for this 45 minute webinar for NOVA students will focus on answering key questions students have about preparing for their second semester. Topics covered will include program identification, course selection, college resources, schedule planning, and registration/payment tips. Register Today!

Join a representative from Old Dominion University to learn how to transfer to ODU Online business programs, Tuesday, Nov. 10 at noon. Join the session on Tuesday!

Have a great week!


Having passion for what you are pursuing gears you up to tackle all the tasks you have to complete on your way to reaching your ultimate goal. Whether it be writing papers, studying for exams, or reading chapters, you have to feel like there is a purpose behind it all to keep you moving forward. Not everyone can readily identify what excites them, however, and some may find it difficult to pinpoint an area of study that moves them. If this sounds like you, take the following things into consideration to help you find your passion:

It’s important to evaluate your reasons for pursuing the major you are pursuing. Make sure you are signing on to this program for the right reasons. To explore your motivation, ask yourself these questions: Does this interest me? What draws me to this field? Would I be happy pursuing something else?

Explore your interests and be honest about your skills. What if you are interested in a field but you may lack the strength in the primary subjects needed to be successful in that area? For example, you want to study Engineering but you have never been particularly strong in Math and Science. Don’t give up on the vision you have for yourself completely, instead, look for ways to improve the skills that are integral to your success in that area, i.e. taking extra classes, attending online workshops, etc. If your skill set is not conducive to the dream job you want, see what other capacities you can serve in in  that field that would be just as, if not more, fulfilling. Don’t give up just because the route to your goal is not as direct or clear-cut as you want it to be.

Reach out to NOVA Online Counselors for guidance! If you are completely lost and unsure of where to start to pinpoint your area of study, to discover your interests, to select a career path, etc. our NOVA Online Counselors are here to help you figure everything out. You can reach any one of our counselors at

Connecting to your purpose makes the path to success that much smoother. Tune into what motivates you and let it give you hope in the face of doubt (everyone needs the strength of hope to make it through exams!). And never hesitate to reach out for guidance whenever you need it. Namaste.

Check out the FOCUS 2, an online, interactive education and career education tool, to explore careers and majors!

Article written by Jennifer Reed – NOVA Online Success Coach


The end of the semester will be here before you know it and there is no time like the present to start prepping for next semester. The longer you wait, the likelihood of you encountering roadblocks increasing drastically, so resist the urge to put it off. When you start thinking about the courses you want to take next semester, keep these tips and tidbits of information in mind to avoid missing out on the courses you need.

Plan ahead. Speak to an advisor ( to make sure you are taking the necessary courses toward degree/certificate completion. Read over NOVA’s course repeat policy and speak with an advisor if you are taking a course for the 3rd time. Make sure your finances are in order to pay your tuition on time. If you are using Financial Aid, call 1-855-323-3199 to check on your status.

Register for classes early. Please make note of NOVA’s On-Time Registration policy that does not allow enrollment into a class after 11:59pm the day before the class is scheduled to begin. Enrolling in the course early will help you avoid many unnecessary headaches, i.e. courses being closed, full, or unavailable (huge migraines!).

Be aware of your course start and end dates. NOVA offers courses that vary in length (16, 12, 8, and 4 week sessions) and that start at different times during the semester. You wouldn’t want to think the course starts and ends at the wrong time (disaster!). Also pay attention to the course’s critical dates that inform you of deadlines for refunds and withdrawals.

 Getting into a closed course. If the course you want is closed, and it is before the start date you may still be able to get into the course by emailing the instructor to request permission to be allowed into the course. The instructor has authority to grant or deny such a request. Once granted permission, have the instructor forward that email to, or you can forward it yourself, and NOVA Online Registration will enroll you in the course.

If you miss the registration deadline. NOVA offers students different sessions throughout the semester with different start dates. If you are unable to get into a course because you missed the registration deadline, search for a later starting session for the same course and enroll in that session, if available. However, if taking a later starting session is not an option for you, you can complete and send a Permission to Enroll During the First Week form to NOVA Online Registration ( to try to get in that session. Please note that there is no guarantee that you can get into the class after the start date so registering early is highly encouraged!

If you have any questions about the enrollment process, call NOVA Online Registration at 703-323-3368 or

Article written by Jennifer Reed, NOVA Online Success Coach

Happy National Career Development Month!

career pink and greenNovember is National Career Development Month.  NCDM was designed to highlight the importance of life-long career development and the personal empowerment of all people.  During the month everyone is encouraged to take a moment to reflect upon their career development.   A good starting point is taking time to review the basic steps in the career development process. The following is an overview of the steps:

Step 1: Understanding Self

During this step individuals focus on identifying their interests, personality, skills, and values.

Step 2: Exploring Careers

During this step individuals focus on learning more about careers.

Step 3: Making Decisions

During this step individuals evaluate their options to develop a personalized plan.

Step 4: Finding Employment (and Gaining Practical Experience)

During this step individuals focus on getting a job, obtaining an internship, or exploring options for gaining practical experience.

Learn more about each step by visiting NOVA’s Career Services website.

Further your personal development by participating in a career focused webinar. Learn more about webinars being offered and register here.  Follow NOVA Online on Twitter to receive a daily inspirational quote and use #NCDM to share your favorite quotes. Join us on Facebook to participate in a weekly activity. Visit the NOVA Online Virtual Student Union to learn more about career development and related resources. Read the Career Counselor posts on the NOVA Onlineife Student Blog for tips, stories, and to stay connected.

Advising Week: Faculty Advisor

Your Faculty Advisor is a valuable asset in your academic journey. They can provide insights and recommendations based on their education and real world experience. Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise in your program of interest!

If you do not have an assigned advisor, click here for more information on how to have a Faculty Advisor assigned.

Plan early for your next semester with your Faculty Advisor and have your spring courses selected and be ready to register on your Priority Registration date. This will give you the best chances at getting the courses you need. Registering early will also be beneficial for students who use NOVA’s TMS payment plan allowing for a lower down payment and more months to break up your remaining tuition balance.

How can my Faculty Advisor help me?

  • Create an academic program completion plan, which maps out which courses you need to take for your major/program of study.
  • Select which electives will support your academic goal/career plans.
  • Connect with NOVA resources you need and make referrals.
  • Submit the appropriate forms for substitution requests or changing your major.
  • Reflect on your academic performance, so you can be successful.
  • Serve as a reference or assist in preparing letters of recommendation for applications (transfer, employment and scholarship).
  • Review your academic progress to help assure you complete your program based on your goals

How do I address my Faculty Advisor?

  • Address the Faculty Advisor as “Professor and their last name.” If you know they have earned a Ph.D., or Ed.D. address them as “Doctor and their last name”. (i.e. Professor Jones or  Dr. Smith).
  • Be sure to send your email from your NOVA student email account and include your Student ID number.
  • As a NOVA Online student, you may not meet your Faculty Advisor in person. Project yourself as a professional and dedicated student by composing a well-organized and thoughtful email. Take advantage of these Ten Quick Steps to Email Your Instructor.

What can I include in my correspondence to my advisor?

  • Outline topics or questions you would like to discuss. (i.e. transfer plans, career opportunities, extracurricular/club involvement).
  • Review your program requirements in the catalog and ask any questions you may have about unsatisfied requirements.
  • Identify courses you may be interested in for the upcoming term and year.

Suggested Questions and Topics to discuss:

  • What courses do I need to complete my academic program?
  • What are the prerequisites for the courses I plan to take or where can I find them?
  • I would like to discuss my academic goals.
  • What do I need to know about transferring? Are there deadlines and scholarships?
  • I need a tutor.  How do I find one and access other services when I need help?
  • I need to work. How can I arrange my classes around my work schedule and how will working impact my studies?
  • I am interested in participating in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.  Can we discuss my academic goals and extracurricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Ask your advisor to share how they chose their major in college.

The last part of the semester is always hectic, and the holidays are coming up! Reach out to your faculty advisor now!

Attend a Getting Ready for Your Next Semester webinar.  Learn more about the webinar and register for an upcoming session here. Undecided or just getting started on your degree plan? Talk to an Academic Counselor to help you get started with your spring term classes. NOVA Online Counselors can be reached at NOVA

Written by NOVA Online Student Success Coach, Laura Tiglao.

This Week at NOVA Online

Happy Monday!Calendar planning concept Advising Week is here, which means spring registration is right around the corner! Open registration for all students starts on Monday, November 16. Are you a current NOVA student? Follow this tutorial to find your priority registration date.

Join a NOVA Online Counselor on Tuesday, November 3, 12:15 pm – 1:00 pm for the Getting Ready for your Next Semester Webinar. This 45 minute webinar for NOVA students will focus on answering key questions students have about preparing for their next semester.  Topics covered will include program identification, course selection, college resources, schedule planning, and registration/payment tips.

November is National Career Development Month.

Join NOVA Online Career Counselor on Wednesday, November 4, 12:15 pm – 1:00 pm for the Focus on your Career Planning Webinar. This 45 minute webinar will introduce students to FOCUS 2 an online, interactive, self-guided career and education planning system.  The system can help students select a program/major based on their interests and aspirations, discover occupations matching their personal preferences and attributes, map out their career plans – present and future, and make informed career decisions.

We hope you were able to take advantage of some Transfer webinars in October. Did you miss the Transfer Planning session with NOVA Online Transfer Counselor, Kim Burkle? Request the recording to get some information for your planning process.

Save the Date: November 9-13 is National Distance Learning Week. We will be celebrating you throughout the week on social media.