Women in Search of Excellence (WISE) Mentoring Program

The Women in Search of Excellence (WISE) Mentoring Program seeks to address the challenges facing women in higher education by fostering healthy relationships and providing support, guidance, and encouragement to help overcome obstacles and achieve personal, professional and academic growth.

wise_001With support from their mentors, WISE students set academic, personal and career goals; learn how to make informed decisions; identify resources and pathways to successfully achieve their goals; cultivate strong relationships with women in business and academia, and develop leadership and self-improvement skills.

WISE is open to any female enrolled at NOVA-Woodbridge who is committed to the mission of the program.

The program objectives are to increase persistence/retention, grade point averages, and self–esteem for female students on campus. The program will officially launch August 31st. For more information email WISE@nvcc.edu.




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