Financial Aid is for required courses

If the course is not required for degree completion, it cannot be included in the student’s enrollment status for financial aid, and we cannot award Title IV or state funds to pay for the course. If you need to change or update your program in your account, contact your Faculty Advisor or NOVA Online Counselors.

Please check course eligibility as soon you register for your classes.

Login to MyNova > SIS > Student Center

Student will be notified via the message center.FACA1Student can view the course eligibility below

FACA2The ineligible course will have a red X; a yellow question mark means the course has not yet been evaluated for eligibility.

FACA3Student can see the reasonFACA4


Can be viewed via the mobile appFACA5

FACA6FACA7Questions about your Financial Aid? Contact them by phone, live chat, or email through the Student Support Center.

FA Support Center

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