Career Planning Webinars – This Week!

Join NOVA Online’s Career Counselor this week for two webinars this week

Video Call Facetime Chatting Communication ConceptTuesday (9/6) – 12:15 – 1:00 pm – Webinar: Focus on Your Career Planning:

This 45 minute webinar will introduce students to FOCUS 2 an online, interactive, self-guided career and education planning system. The system can help students select a program/major based on their interests and aspirations, discover occupations matching their personal preferences and attributes, map out their career plans – present and future, and make informed career decisions. Register Today!

Wednesday (9/7) – 12:15 – 1:00 pm – Webinar: Exploring Career Options:

This 45 minute webinar will focus on using various online resources to research career options. The relationship between programs of study at NOVA, college majors, and career options will be discussed.  Resources presented will provide information on nature of work, educational requirements, job outlook, and wages. Register Today!

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