Where Will Your Path Lead? (Part 2)

This article is part two in a three part series that provides readers with an overview of the career development process designed to help you identify your path and continue on your journey.

Last week the importance of self-assessment was discussed.  This week the focus is on exploring careers and making decisions.

Step Two: Exploring Careers

Have you ever wondered what you would really do on a daily basis if you pursued a particular career?  You can explore careers by utilizing resources that have information on academic majors, job salaries, job outlook, required skills, educational requirements, and typical work duties.

One resource to try now – Occupational Outlook Handbook.

This publication from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is revised every two years.  Numerous resources exist, in various formats (including print, online, and video), to provide you with information on just about any career.

Step Three: Making Decisions

Are you wondering if a program of study,  major, or career is right for you? After you have taken time for self-assessment and  explored careers, you will want to evaluate your academic and career options to make a decision and develop a plan.

One resource to try now – Making Decisions section of NOVA’s Career Services website.

Here you can follow a step-by-step process to reflect upon what you have learned, make a decision, set a goal, and create an action plan.

NOVA’s Career Counselors are available to assist you with each step of the career development process.

Article by Christy Jensen-NOVA Academic/Career Counselor.

November is National Career Development Month.  Check NOVA’s Career Services website for information about programs being offered virtually and across the College in support of NCDM.

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