Online Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Happy National Online Learning Day! Today we celebrate the wonderful opportunity that NOVA offers for students to take online classes no matter where you live!

To celebrate, we have created a virtual online scavenger hunt so you can learn more about taking online courses through the Extended Learning Institute at NOVA. Here is what you need to know to begin:

1)Beginning at 9am pm on September 15th , participants will have 24 hours (until 9am on September 16th) to submit your answers.

2)Answers can be found on any of the digital resources that NOVA Online provides.(Follow our Twitter handle @NOVA Online for possible hints).

3) Tie breakers will be determined by which participant(s) submitted their form in the quickest time. Prizes will be given to the first 5 participants who turn in their form in the quickest time with all the correct answers. Five additional participation winners will also be announced.

Good Luck and HAVE FUN!

-NOVA Online Student Life


Start the Virtual Scavenger Hunt