Do you want to be published?

Here is your opportunity, VCCS students!

We are pleased to announce the VCCS journal of student academic writing,
is accepting submissions for its third issue! We recently published our second issue, featuring scholarship from students like yourself at community colleges across the state, and we would like for you to join them.

Exigence is an online academic journal for original, scholarly student work.
The journal showcases the finest VCCS student academic research, compelling ideas, and exceptional writing from disciplines across the curriculum. Our second issue features research on controversial sunscreen ingredients, cosmic ray muons, Medicaid, hunting dogs, artificial superintelligence, and more.

Submitting your work to Exigence gives you an opportunity to enter a larger academic conversation, showcase your talents while building your resume, and give life to your academic work beyond the classroom.

We strongly encourage you to submit your in-depth research arguments, visuals, analyses, and/or reports for publication in the third issue of Exigence. Take that first step on the pathway to publication!

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Click on the links below for more information.

Questions? Contact Tom Geary, Exigence Editor-in-Chief, at

Digital Commons @ VCCS
Submission Requirements & Guidelines
How to Submit

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