Student Workers Needed & Job Hunting Help

Have you been awarded Federal Work Study Aid? If you are using Financial Aid to pay for your courses and are interested in being a student worker this semester, NOVA Online’s Student Services Department is hiring!

More information can be found at: and


Are you looking for a job or wanting to upgrade to a better job? Have you applied for jobs without success? Is your resume failing to open doors for you?

Unlock the mysteries of the job search with Job Prep Express, Saturday, September 8 from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at NOVA’s Loudoun Campus in the Higher Education Center. Experts from healthcare, education, IT, service industries and more will be giving their best job seeker tips.

Learn how to properly format your resume, search for a job online, and prepare to ace an interview. Mock interview practice is available for a limited number of participants. The event is FREE, open to all and co-sponsored by the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, Loudoun County Economic Development and Northern Virginia Community College.

Register online at .

Career Planning Tool for NOVA Students





Did you know all NOVA students have free access to FOCUS 2, an online, interactive, self-guided career and education planning system that can help you:

  • Select a program/major based on your interests and aspirations
  • Discover occupations matching your personal preferences and attributes
  • Map out your career plans, present and future
  • Make informed career decisions

View a Getting Started with FOCUS 2 handout.

Follow the steps below to begin using FOCUS 2.

  1. Visit NOVA’s Career Services website
  2. Select FOCUS 2
  3. Click FOCUS 2 button
  4. Click REGISTER button
  5. Enter “NOVA” for the access code
  6. Enter your NOVA student e-mail address in the e-mail box
  7. Provide requested information
  8. Check box to acknowledge terms and conditions of system
  9. Click CONTINUE button

Contact Christy Jensen ( if you have any problems accessing the system.


If you will be taking an online MTT class, the NOVA Online Success Coaches are here to help! We realize that math can be intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. To combat these concerns, we have developed a summary of free NOVA supports, resources and best practices to enhance your learning in MTT.

First, read your syllabus and other folders in your course Blackbaord! As noted in the course processes, you will begin MTT by taking the Syllabus Quiz, when you pass, inform you Professor and your pre-test will be unlocked.

Attend the Online MTT Lab – This lab is embedded in your MTT class as a resource for general questions regarding course content and concepts. MTT Professors are logged in and ready to help you! To access the Online Math Lab, click on the “Online Math Lab” link in your Blackboard page.

Promote Your Success: Watch course videos, take notes, view PowerPoint slides available in your MYMATHLAB.

Take advantage of free educational resources:

Manage Your Time Well: When taking an online class, it is important to plan ahead and manage your time well. If time management is not your strength, take a few minutes to review our free workshop, Time Management: Strategies for Success:

Develop a Routine: Think of this class as an on-campus class where attendance is expected. Keep up with your pre and post-tests, homework and log into the math labs. Be sure to read the announcements/ check emails daily. View the free online workshop, 10 Tips for Success in Your Online Course. Although the instruction in MTT is individualized and you can progress as quickly as you like, you must complete a minimum number of quizzes and tests per week to make satisfactory progress.

Be proactive! Maintain communication with your instructor throughout the semester. If you have questions or need direction with an assignment, make an appointment. Don’t know what to say: 10 quick steps to e-mailing your instructor!

Enhance your Skills-Free Math Workshops: If math is challenging, take time to view our free online workshops located on Student lingo. How to Succeed in Math, How to Overcome Math Anxiety.

Repeating MTT: If you are unable to complete all of the Units, some work can be imported if it is within the same semester—consult with your Professor.

Publisher Access Code: Your Access Code will last until you are finished with all of your MTT.

Completing MTT Units 2 and/or 3: When checking into the testing center, a formula sheet, containing the volume formulas only, will be provided for the pre and post-tests. If they do not provide one, just ask. (If you are using a Proctor, they should have one as well.)

Your NOVA Online Success Coach is here to help you navigate the semester with success. They can refer you to free tutoring, assist with time management, help with organization, and answer any questions about MTT or other other online classes, reach out to your Success Coach, or 703.323.3347.



NOVA Annandale Campus| CE Building
Ernst Cultural Center-Forum Level
Sept. 26 – 11:00am-2:30pm

This annual event provides an opportunity for students to learn more about the collective agencies representing the US Intelligence Community, insight on how to apply for internships and full/part-time job opportunities, as well as providing clarity on what is needed to obtain a security clearance.

The event is free and open to ALL NOVA Students. NO RSVP required. Be sure to check your NOVA email for forthcoming details/announcements!

This annual event is brought to you by:
The NOVA Annandale Career Services Team & the NOVA Annandale Office of Student Activities.