#YoNOVA – You Oughta NOVA – NOVA’s First Podcast!

#YoNOVA – You Oughta NOVA

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Produced by and for the Northern Virginia Community College community, this ‘cast o’ thousands covers happenings at one of the nation’s top-five largest colleges. With six campuses and a vast online community that spans a service area of nearly 5 million residents, what happens at NOVA is a big deal – and you oughta know it. Episodes are bi-weekly, with some wiggle room for holidays or special events. Recording and production courtesy of NOVA Sound and Music Recording Technology program (http://www.loudounsound.com) in studio at the Loudoun Campus in Sterling, VA. Show music copyright Sanjay Mishra and Akar Music. Wanna study recording production? Give us a holler and we’ll set up a tour and an intro to the right people.
Listen below to Episode #1!

Hosts Mike McMillon and Tatyana Schum are in studio to answer the question “What is NOVA?”; welcome guest Zohra Naqibullah, a student pursuing studies in the Dental Hygiene program at the Medical Education Campus; and share hopes and dreams about what You Oughta NOVA (#YoNOVA) will be.

For more Info visit the podcast’s website at https://www.buzzsprout.com/700636