Welcome Back Nighthawks!

Below are some first week reminders to help you be successful in your online course.
To view the links included below, make sure you are enrolled in the Virtual Student Union!

1. Read, read, read your Syllabus

Pay special attention to course requirements, submission guidelines, exam and testing information, due dates, and grading criteria.If you do not understand the expectations, contact your instructor immediately.

2. Submit work on time 

Do not wait until the last minute to submit assignments or take exams. The first week assignment is very important to turn in. It accounts for your attendance. You may be dropped from the class without a refund if you do not meet the course due dates.

3. Be proactive and communicate with your instructor

Always email your instructor with your student email. You’ll want to check this account daily. There is also an option to message your instructor through Canvas. View here for Canvas Tutorials for students (Links to an external site.).

4. Reach out if you need support

NOVA Online Student Services is here to support your online learning experience. We have Success CoachesCounselorsLibrary ServicesStudent Life and more available to help!


New to online learning? No problem!

Visit the New to Online Classes Page

Also consider,  attending ASC’s online workshop on Strategies for Successful Online Learning – Friday, January 17 @ 12:00 p.m.
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