5 Tips for Building a Better Schedule

Follow the tips below to build a better schedule.

Tip #1 – Plan your time accordingly.

As you begin to create your schedule, take a moment to think about all of the commitments you will have during the semester along with everything you wanted to accomplish.  How much time will you have available to focus on college courses?

Tip #2 – Identify how each course helps you achieve your goal.

Think about your academic and career goals.  How does each course you are planning to take help you progress towards achieving your goals?

Tip #3 – Know what will be covered in a course before you enroll.

Check out the course content summary to learn about major topics in a course.  View a partial syllabus for sections of courses offered through NOVA Online.

Tip #4 – Select a course format that works for you.

NOVA offers courses in a variety of formats.  Which format will work best for you for each course you plan to take?

Tip #5 – Be aware of important dates.

NOVA offers courses that vary in session length and have different start and end dates.  Know the important dates for sections of courses you are considering.