Student Support Resources

As you are working to finalize your schedule, now is a good time to be sure you are aware of the variety of resources and services NOVA offers to support your academic success and well being.

As a NOVA Online student there are a variety of resources you can access to support you in your academic success without ever stepping foot on a campus!

Smarthinking– is free online tutoring available in variety of content areas.

Hoonuit– provides short, easy-to-view tutorials give you just-in-time answers to your “How do I do that?” software questions.

Student Lingo– provides video resources to overcome barriers to academic success, and help students reach their personal, academic, and professional goals.

Library Services-gives access to dedicated library services for students in online courses.

Take advantage of live and recorded webinars produced by NOVA Online staff with topics that can support you during the various critical points of the semester.

As a student you also have access to a wealth of technology resources that range from free software and cloud services, to Google Apps and even wireless discounts!

Sometimes life happens, making balancing personal and academic commitments difficult. The Financial Stability Program offers resources, services and referrals to help you gain academic traction through financial stability.

As the semester gets busy, make sure you are taking time to take care of yourself! Check out these blog articles for suggestions on how to focus on your emotional and physical wellness through self care even in times of stress. NOVA Cares can provide additional referrals to on and off campus resources to help support you.

Also be sure to take advantage of NOVA Online Student Success Coaches who are available to provide one on one support with stress management, study and test taking skills, time management and can make referrals for resources, services and tools that will best support you in your academic success. Please reach out by sending an email to

What resources have been most valuable to you as a NOVA student? Let us know in the comments!

Getting Ready for Advising Week

Advising week is almost here! To make the most of the interaction with your advisor there are a few things you can do to prepare. Are you ready

Verify your program of Study:  First it is important to verify your student record reflects the program of study you intend on completing here at NOVA. Visit the Academics section of your Student Center in the Student Information System to verify your plan. If your plan needs to be updated make contact with an academic counselor or advisor to determine which plan is the best for you based on your goals.

Run an Advisement Report- Once your program of study is accurate there are several tools you can take advantage of to see your progress towards your plan’s requirements and the courses you have left to complete.

You can run an advisement report to view your progress and outstanding degree requirements.

Review program requirements: Now that you’ve run your advisement report, review the report to see how the coursework you have completed has been applied towards your degree requirements and what you have left to complete.

Plan your semester: You can use the Student Success Planner to create a plan, allowing you to map out when you will complete your remaining courses. As you plan out these courses semester by semester, strive for balance in your course schedule. Use these tips to help you strategize. Don’t delay in taking courses that are challenging for you, especially math.

Request to meet with your Advisor: Once you have our courses mapped out in the Student Success Planner you can even send a meeting request to discuss your plan to your advisor.

Check back in for tomorrow’s post on how to prepare for your meeting with your advisor!