Transfer Awareness Month

October is Transfer Awareness Month at NOVA Online! Join us for some Transfer Events to help you prepare your transfer plans! Visit NOVA Online’s Events Calendar or NOVA’s Events Calendar to register for any of the events!

Transfer Flyer*If you have questions about any of the events, please contact Kim Burkle,

*All events are approximately one hour in length.

Transfer Planning 101

Kim Burkle, NOVA Online Counselor/InstructorToday’s NOVA Online blog post is provided by NOVA Online’s Transfer Counselor and Instructor, Kim Burkle.  Kim is available to work with you to help with transfer planning. She can be reached at 703.323.2425 or

Your time at NOVA will go by fast. It is never too early to begin transfer planning. The more research you do now, the smoother the transfer process will be later.

Start by considering the following:

Do you know where you want to go yet?

Do you know what major you will pursue when you transfer?

Do you intend to obtain a degree at NOVA?

Do you know if you are in a college-transfer track  program?

How will you pay for your education?

The Virginia Education Wizard offers a number of resources to assist you in obtaining your education goals. The Transfer Planner provides you a step-by-step guide, from assessing your preferred career through attending orientation at your new college or university.

NOVA has agreements with most of the 4-year institutions in Virginia, as well as several  outside of Virginia. Some agreements are called Guaranteed Admissions Agreements; which means as a NOVA student, you are offered guaranteed admissions to a variety of four-year colleges and universities when you meet the requirements of the written agreement between NOVA and that college. There are also  general Articulation Agreements that define the way courses, programs, or entire categories of programs transfer to another institution; and may include  admission guarantees. You can view the list of GAAs and AAs via NOVA’s transfer webpage.   It is important to read the  agreements carefully, so you know what specific requirements you will need to meet. NOVA also has a great webpage that is all about Guaranteed Admission Agreements!

Check out the four-minute video: NOVA Guaranteed  Admission Agreements.

Once you have identified potential transfer institutions, make time to visit them and speak with an admission representative, take a campus tour, attend an information session, etc. This will help you get a feel for the environment to see if it would be a good fit for you. If you are planning to transfer to an online program, attend an information webinar and test-drive a course, if available.

If you want to learn more, NOVA also hosts a variety of transfer events; such as college visits, transfer fairs, and webinars. The events calendar provides a list of upcoming events.