Bicycle Etiquette: What to know

Now that the warm weather and long nights have arrived, if you are a bicycle enthusiast, promote your safety and well-being by obeying biking safety rules. Here are some tips that will help you be respectful of others on the roads and trails and overall promote the importance to being mindful of biking etiquette.bicycle

Wear a helmet at all times:  You may think you are safe without a helmet but one patch of sand or slip up and you could be down.  A helmet can make all the difference!

Be Respectful of Others (Observe the Traffic Rules):  Ride in the same direction of traffic and follow the same traffic laws as if you were driving a car.  Use hand singles to advise others of what you will be doing. Do not pass on the right and be sure to stop at red lights, stop signs and yield to pedestrians.  You are sharing the roads and must be respectful of automobiles and walkers.  If you are riding on a trail and notice walkers ahead, ring your bell (if you have one) and announce loudly, ‘coming up on your left’.  If the walkers do not move over, slow down.

Stay to the Right:  Ride as far to the right as is possible unless you are making a left-hand turn or avoiding hazards in the road.  If you must stop, do your best to move as far off the road as possible.

Ride Single File or in a Pair: When riding in a group of two or more, be sure that you do not ride more than two on the roads. According to LIVESTRONG, “no state permits riding more than two abreast on public roads”.

Equip Your Bike for Safety:  For safety purposes, your bicycle should have a bell, mirror headlight and taillight.

Regular Maintenance: As you would do with your car, keep your bike in excellent repair, checking the breaks and tires. Also, be sure to lock it when leaving it parked.

These are just a small listing of the safety measures you need to practice when riding your bicycle.  If you enjoy biking and want additional information on various websites to include the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the  National Biking Safety Network.

Celebrating the 4th of July


Trying to make plans for the 4th of July holiday? Whether you are looking to see some fireworks, attend a festival/ parade or other events, we have provided some great resources below to plan a fun-filled holiday weekend.


This is a great resource where you can search the different 4ht of July events by city/zip code in the entire state of Virginia

 Northern Virginia

Details about events scheduled within the Northern Virginia region.

More information about celebrating the 4th of July in Richmond


Schedule of events for the 4th of July in VA Beach


Celebrating our nation’s birthday in Colonial Williamsburg

10 ways to celebrate Independence Day in Washington D.C.

Stay safe on the 4th of July in Washington D.C.  and take advantage of a free ride home

We hope that all NOVA Online students and their families have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

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Fun and Free Apps to Explore

With thousands of apps available, it can be challenging to uncover an app that fits your needs. If you are searching for that perfect study app or an app to help you develop your career, the following apps may provide the inspiration that you have been searching for:

picture of mobile apps

Blackboard (Bb) Mobile Learn: Provides organized, on-the-go access to the latest course announcements, quick access to the discussion board and instant access to your journal posts, upcoming assignments and more.

Flipboard: Stay on top of information in your field with Flipboard! Flipboard is your personal magazine. Users can catch up on the news that they enjoy, explore information and articles from around the world, and stay connected to the people closest to them. Save and collect information into your own personal magazines such as articles focused on coursework, personal interests and more.

Flowboard: Storytelling and presentation app that en
ables the user to create side-scrolling publications with images, text, videos, links, and photo galleries. Flowboard allows you to create & present from your iPad, or share to any device. This app could also be used to maintain accomplishments and share in an interview or incorporate into an online resume.

Quizlet: Excel during your study time creating practice tests and quizzes, flashcards or take advantage of  pre-made flashcards.

Screenchomp: Share course concepts and thoughts with friends or classmates. To begin, tap the record button; draw on the whiteboard with the app pen or markers and record a running narrative.  ScreenChomp will record the user’s voice and drawings and uploads the creation to ScreenChomp. The user will be provided with a link which can be shared via e-mail, Twitter, or on the clipboard.

What are  your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments below!

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56th Annual Highland Maple Festival

March 8-9 & 15-16, 2014


bucketThe Highland County Chamber of Commerce presents the 56th Annual Highland Maple Festival.

Take a look at the website here.

“Take a step back in time to Highland County, “Virginia’s Switzerland.” Travel back roads and mountain byways to the annual Highland Maple Festival. Held on the 2nd and 3rd weekends of March, the Maple Festival has been an annual event in Highland County, Virginia, since 1958.

Each year, thousands of visitors are drawn to this unspoiled, rural region of Virginia to celebrate the ‘opening’ of the trees and observe the process of maple syrup-making. Sugar camp tours provide a unique and educational experience that portrays a rapidly vanishing way of American life.”