Motivational Minute: The Many Faces of Stress

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Ever find yourself flipping out over the smallest things and you have no idea why? It seems like all it takes is for the wind to blow in from the wrong direction and your brain explodes?! If this sounds like you, the jury has deliberated and has found you guilty of being stressed! Whenever there are circumstances that put a significant amount of stress on us, the tasks of everyday life become much more difficult to manage, we feel out of control, our tolerance takes a serious dive and, before we know it, we’re throwing tantrums over the most minute things.

Because so much of our lives are lived on the go, we can sometimes overlook just how much we are being impacted by our stress and miss the telltale signs all together. Our body is usually the first place signs of stress show up. Stress in the system can cause a slew of physical symptoms, i.e. restlessness, fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, etc.  Increasing awareness of the connection between mind and body can help ward off some of the negative physical effects of stress. Practicing activities such as, progressive relaxation, taking mental body scans, doing yoga, stretching, and meditation daily can dramatically decrease physical tension. Increasing awareness of how your body feels when you are in your natural, calm state will help you return to that state faster when you feel overwhelmed.  Incorporating these practices into your daily routine will also  help you identify and recognize any change in the body and mind that stress may induce with more ease and accuracy. Knowing yourself has more perks than you could imagine and it’s the first step in taking action to address the root of your stress. Namaste.

–Jennifer, NOVA Online Success Coach

Resources for Managing Stress:

Omvana is a free meditation app that has guided progressive relaxation sessions you can follow. This is a great activity if you’re having trouble sleeping as a result of stress.

If you would like to talk to someone about what’s going on with you, Call 2-1-1 or click here  to be linked to local and statewide health and human services. When calling, you can speak  with a trained professional for assistance with identifying sources of help. All referrals are confidential.

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