Student Spotlight: Three Ways I Stay Mentally Healthy

Check out this week’s Student Spotlight from Jordan Boyd. Jordan is a double major in Business and Art History. As the 16 week semester starts to gear up, Jordan shares with us how she stays mentally healthy.

Three Ways I Stay Mentally Healthy

School is stressful. I don’t think there’s a person alive who has gotten through school with a 0% amount of stress. It’s so strong that it has an effect on your physical stature. Hunched shoulders, a stiff neck and headaches are just a few symptoms I’ve had to prove it. People have recommended trying new activities like running, taking walks and stress balls. I’ve tried them all but I’ve noticed that they only take away the physical pressure. We seem to help relax the outcome instead of the main source: the mind. School and other activities have taken its toll on me, but they’ve become less stressful due to a few techniques. Here are three easy (and free) ways I use to calm my own mind.

  1. MEDITATION~ Your mind has all the answers. Sitting down in silence and relaxing can leave you feeling calm and ready to continue on. There are days it helps clear my mind and other days it helps with breathing techniques for me to calm down. It definitely takes time to master, but every minute throughout the process is significant. So take a seat, think it through and you’ll be on your way.
  2. MAKING AND GOING OVER DREAMS AND GOALS~ There’s a reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. My list can probably go on for days, but it gets me excited thinking about the many different things I want to do. Reminding yourself every day or every time you feel down can be that burst of energy you need to get back in the zone.
  3. KNOWING YOU’RE DOING FINE~ “It always works out”. That’s my mantra for every day. I say it in the morning, in the middle of the day and when I go to bed. It makes all the hard work, struggles and stress worth it.

My message to you is to keep your mind clear and healthy. Don’t focus on the bad stuff. Surround yourself with things that make you happy. A yoga class. A bag of candy. A good playlist. Maybe you can try looking back on your accomplishments and feel proud of yourself. You’re unique, so what you choose might be different from mine, but I promise you that if you take the time, you’ll find what helps you. Don’t let the stress get to you because what you’re going through is only temporary. You got this!

Motivational Minute: NOVA Cares

NOVA’s Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) response teams serve as an early behavioral intervention program  and helps to facilitate a “See Something, Say Something” culture at the College. CARE teams are on each campus and within NOVA Online serving all NOVA students, faculty, and staff by proactively providing community resources and support in support of the emotional and physical well-being of the entire NOVA population while maintaining a safe community.

If you have a concern about anyone’s behavior or safety that affects the NOVA community, please complete and submit a NOVACares Form. Reports can be submitted anonymously and your report will help to identify, assess, and respond to members of our college community as appropriate. Reported information is shared only on a need to know basis. Reports that indicate severe risk or imminent danger are directed to the college–wide Threat Assessment Team for review.

Please note that NOVA does not provide mental health services (per VCCS policy), however, NOVA Cares provides faculty, staff, and students with appropriate referrals for mental health intervention and services among many other services, i.e. housing assistance and sexual assault prevention and response, etc.

If you have any questions about NOVA Cares please visit the NOVA Cares webpage or call NOVA Online Success at 703-764-5076. If you are concerned about a student, staff, or faculty member please submit a NOVACares Report.

-Jennifer, NOVA Online Success Coach