ToBeMe@NOVA: Veteran/Active Duty Military Students Resources

Thank you to all students who shared what it’s like to be a Veteran/Active Duty Military student at NOVA. Below you will find some helpful resources and tips for students and faculty to better serve this great student population.

For Students:

Stay in contact with your instructor. For active military students and students who are family members of active duty soldiers, orders can come without much warning and it can take a toll on academic performance without the right support. Such mitigating circumstances need to be shared with instructors immediately to discuss any accommodations. If you need additional help with exploring your options, reach out to Military Services (see below for contact info) and NOVA Online Success Coaches (

Testing Information. Many military students live outside of the Northern Virginia area and need to make arrangements to ensure all course exams are done in a timely manner. You have the option of taking NOVA Online Course Exams at a location more convenient for you through the Proctor Approval Process. Please click here for more testing information and infomation how to find a proctor to take your exams near you!

Use our Office of Military Services. NOVA offers our Veteran, Active Duty, and Military dependents/spouses/families resources and services they need to make their educational experience as enriching as possible. Reach out to the Office of Military Services to get more information and find a Veteran Advisor and a Military Site Representative at or call 703.293.8132.

For Faculty

Keep lines of communication open. Create an environment in which students feel comfortable to come to you as issues arise.

Know where to refer students. You will often be the first point of contact for our students so you need to be aware of the appropriate referrals to make. You can send your students to the Office of Military Services for assistance and have them reach out to NOVA Online Success Coaches if you aren’t sure where to start.

Be empathic. Addressing students with a tone of understanding and support can go a very long way.

If you have any questions please reach out to the Office of Military Services or email NOVA Online Student Success Coaches.

–Jennifer, NOVA Online Student Success Coach

ToBeMe@NOVA: Veteran/Active Duty Military Students

For the month of January 2015, NOVA Online is highlighting the unique experiences of NOVA’s Veterans/Active Duty Military Students, including active duty, veterans, military dependents, military spouses, etc. We are asking our Military Students to share what it’s like to be a student at NOVA while being a member of this remarkable population. Over the next two weeks, we want to hear about how you balance the call of duty with accomplishing your personal, academic, and professional goals, how your veteran status is impacting your experience in and out of the classroom, how deployment, that of yourself or of a significant other, impacts your academic concerns and performance, etc.

Please respond to this post with your comments and experiences. You may also post your response on NOVA Online’s Facebook and NOVA Online’s Twitter pages with the #ToBeMe@NOVA after your comment.

***Please make sure all comments are appropriate for an academic setting. Please refrain from posting obscenities, profanity, and otherwise offensive remarks***

Be on the look out for Veterans/Active Duty Military resources for students, faculty, and staff on the next ToBeMe@NOVA posting on Feb. 6, 2015!