Credit for Prior Learning

Are you an adult learner who has acquired college-level learning from your work and life experiences? The PLACE Portfolio Development course (SDV 298) may be a great option for you to turn that learning into college course credits toward your NOVA degree!

What is PLACE? Offered at NOVA since 1987, the SDV 298 PLACE portfolio development course provides a means for adult students to use the college-level learning they have gained through workplace training, employment, family life, volunteer work, and other experiences to earn college credits toward their NOVA degrees or certificates.

  • Take the one-credit SDV 298 PLACE portfolio development course
  • Articulate experiential learning as it aligns with specific NOVA courses
  • Create electronic portfolios using Google Sites through VCCS student emails
  • Submit portfolios for up to 15 degree credits or 10 certificate credits

Who are candidates for this program? Adults (typically 25+ years) who have gained significant learning through their work and life experiences that can be applied to their NOVA degree or certificate programs.

Visit NOVA’s Prior Learning website for more information.